The Route…

My journey to Vienna will see me (hopefully!) cover about 1,000 miles starting in the UK and passing through The Netherlands, Germany and finally, Austria.

I plan to have three rest days in the two and half weeks of riding; Cologne, Nuremberg and Linz and my average mileage on cycling days should be around 60 miles. Normally, 60 miles would take me about 4 hours, plus a stop at some point. However, I imagine it will take me a lot longer on this trip – I’m cycling with all my kit, and on unknown roads so this will definitely slow me down!

The plan is to catch the ferry over to Rotterdam from Hull, then spend two days cycling through the Netherlands before stopping for two nights in Cologne.

Once I hit Cologne, I then just need to follow EuroVelo 15 and the River Rhein before hopping onto the EuroVelo 4 towards Nuremberg.

After a rest day in Nuremberg I will be heading slightly cross country to Regensberg and Deggendorf before joining EuroVelo 6 and following the River Danube all the way into Austria and Vienna.

Sounds so simple when you say it like that!

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