Day to Day

Day 11: Rest Day 2 in Nürnberg: walking tours with Sergio and a trip out for fro-yo 🇩🇪 “you cycled here on your bike..?!”

King of the castle

I feel more tired after my rest day than before. I think it’s one of the oddities about sport and possibly endurance sport in particular; that whilst you’re in it, and doing it, day-in-day-out, you don’t actually feel tired and you could go on forever. That’s how I felt after yesterday’s amazing ride, even though I had covered 331 miles since my last rest day. But now, at the end of my rest day, I feel more tired than at the start, and I’ve hardly done anything!

Grateful for the lack of alarm this morning, I spent the first part of the day in my Airbnb flat; making breakfast, washing all my kit, showering etc. I had found a “free” walking tour online that started at 11:00, so made my way over to the meeting point in time for that to start. I say “free” as we all know a “free walking tour” doesn’t really mean that…

Sergio was our tour guide for the day. There were six or seven on the tour and it was very interesting, and a good way to see the city. I just think three hours is a bit too long, in all honesty. However, I did learn some very useful information about the “sausage police”. They’re a real thing.

The rest of my day revolved around eating and resting on the sofa. I have to say, I am well and truly fed up of food. All food. I am eating SO MUCH that I’m just so bored of it. I’m terribly bored of the lack of variety too, but also unwilling to mix it up, as oats in the morning are an easy and great source of fuel, and PB sandwiches are so portable and it doesn’t matter if they get a bit warm (which they inevitably do…)

All in all, a pretty relaxed day. I shall be packing up and preparing again tonight, and as it’s Thursday, it’s quiz night! I can’t believe it’s been a week since the last one, and I can’t believe this time in a week I shall be rolling into Vienna (fingers crossed, all being well).

We have a big day tomorrow – one of the longest actually: 85 miles to take us to Regensberg and then from Saturday we pick up the EuroVelo 6 which tracks the Danube all the way into our final destination.

Early evening trips for fro-yo

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