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The impending “Lockdown 2.0”, working all hours of the day, and a bit of rowing for good luck.

Starting the week on Zoom with Business School legend and Dean, Peter Tufano

Regular visitors round here will notice that these Sunday night posts are getting later and later each week. I can only blame that on one thing; work. I find it so crazy at just how quickly the day goes, and I look back and think; “what did I achieve today?!” In reality, it is actually quite a bit, but it always feels like not enough; especially at the moment with the impending deadlines looming over us.

Deadline 1 of 3 has been and gone without a hitch – as elected team leader, I uploaded our group presentation on Friday morning. Our next deadline is Tuesday evening: our group presentation. There are sixty-five groups and we all have to do a 15 minute presentation, spread out over two days. My group is, yes you’ve guessed it, group 65 – literally the last group to go. The assessors are going to be SO BORED of hearing about British Airways (our case study) by the time our presentation comes along!

The final deadline, for now, (and the most important) is this Friday coming, which is for our 3,000 word individual assignment. That was what I was working on today. I feel a bit happier about it than when I woke up this morning; I’ve been so focused on the group work I hadn’t even considered what my arguments were going to be in my individual assignment, but having spent a good chunk of time today on it, I think I have some more concrete ideas. Fingers crossed.

This week I have mostly been focused on our group project, so my team have been meeting regularly in person in the business school, and on Zoom to work through it all. We missed our pub quiz this week just due to the sheer amount of work everyone is juggling, but I did make it to cross-country training on Thursday, which again, was so much fun.

Cross-country training nearly killing me off 😂

It’s such a shame that “Lockdown 2.0” is coming as my MBA run club and cross country training will all have to stop. I also did manage to get in a rowing session with my college, St Catz, rowing team this weekend, and I fear that will have to be stopped too. Before Saturday, I had never been in a proper rowing “eight” before, but my college was putting on taster sessions for novices so I rocked up and had a go! And it was great! It’s a sport, so it was always highly likely that I would love it, but it was much better than I thought as it’s a real mix of physicality and mental ability. You really have to concentrate to keep time with everyone; I imagine that gets easier and much more second nature with practice but as a first-timer you really do need to be switched on. I was also surprised at just how quickly you go; when you see the pro teams gliding up and down the river you can’t really appreciate how quick they are going, but it really felt like we were motoring along and my boat was mostly novices!

So as we all prepare for the November lockdown (gym equipment purchased, Sainsburys deliveries booked) I need to keep reminding myself, even more so than usual, of last weeks blog: make sure you take the time to do some fun stuff too. Even though this will be much harder now throughout November, there should always be something you can tap back into for a source of light relief. Luckily for me, that’s exercise and running and thankfully, I’ve managed to get hold of some gym equipment and Boris hasn’t banned running so this is good news, but maybe this is the month to get on the banana bread or sourdough making craze of Lockdown 1.0….?

Morning runs will get me through Lockdown

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