Oxford MBA

I never want to talk about British Airways ever again…presentations, essays and a new baby! 🥰

FaceTiming this gorgeous little human

This week started off really well with the exciting news that one of my best friends gave birth to her first baby; Isabella Rose. She is absolutely adorable and such wonderful news to receive on a gloomy November Monday. Can we take a moment to appreciate those cheeks and that amazing head of hair?!

This week marked Week 5 in the term, which was designated assessment week so no teaching was planned. Excellent news really as it gave us time to really focus on the group presentation (Tuesday) and our individual assignment (due Friday). It also meant that nothing else really happened during the week!

I got into a good routine of a 5am alarm; 20 mins making bed, brushing teeth, washing face, making a cup of coffee, unloading dishwasher, setting up laptop; then doing a solid 90 minutes to two hours of work before stopping for breakfast. I work my best in the mornings and this really set me up well for the day, as after breakfast I could do a couple more hours of work before heading out on my run.

Port Meadow looking lovely on one of my runs

We’ve had some lovely weather this week so I got a good 6 miles in on Tuesday and a quick 3 miles on Wednesday (the panic of the deadline was setting in!). Thursday we entered the dreaded Lockdown 2.0 so with all the gyms closed, I transformed our car park into my own personal gym. I’m still waiting on a heavier kettlebell from Amazon but I have a new found love for the humble skipping rope!

Our group presentation on Tuesday went really well and even though it is formative and doesn’t count to our overall grade, they marked us anyway and provided feedback so we could incorporate it (somehow) in our summative assignment. We were graded 70, which is either a Distinction or very close to one (some courses 70 is a Distinction, some seem to be 75 so I’m not really sure…) but either way, very pleased with that!

So as the assignment was duly handed in on Friday morning, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief as our first “proper” assignment at Oxford was complete. This paper is worth 3 credits, which in comparison to most other assignments is considerably more (others range from 0.5 credits to 1) so doing well in this one would be a nice boost to start the year off. However, we won’t actually find out the results for many months to come!

Never do I want to hear about British Airways ever again

This weekend was all about enjoying ourselves (as much as possible in lockdown!) before another assignment next week and the start of three new classes: Marketing, Business Finance and Analytics.

My weekend enjoyment consisted of running and workouts (great weather for it), making pancakes for breakfast, walks in the park with fellow MBAs and having a movie night with Michaela to start our Christmas movie viewing! “Operation Christmas Drop” on Netflix is what everybody needs in their life right now.

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