Oxford MBA

Normal service resumes, increasing the mileage and appreciating friends

Getting lost in the woods

We’re back, people. Assessment week done (for now) and Global Rules of the Game complete we are back to the normal programming of classes.

My timetable looks a little different this half-term compared to the last; instead of the subjects being split into two 1 hour sessions, this time we have the whole class in one go. That means my week started with two hours of Business Finance at 4:15pm on Monday and finished with nearly three hours of Analytics on a Thursday afternoon. (Friday is reserved for Careers and extra-curricular activities such as Ideation Lab).

The new classes, if a little intense, are so far a mix of interesting and full-on. There is a lot of material pre-recorded for us to get through and lots of reading to go alongside. So anytime in between the timetabled classes is basically spent preparing for the next marathon session. This weeks Marketing case study was about a wine company called Hampton Water, which was co-founded by Jesse Bongiovi (son of Jon Bon Jovi) and this coming week, he will be the guest speaker at one of our Marketing classes – I wonder if Bon Jovi himself might make a cameo appearance…

Over the past few weeks now I have been upping my running mileage, which has been excellent. This week I managed a little more than planned (29 miles) which was mostly due to the fact I got rather lost in Wytham Woods! A fellow MBA had suggested I would enjoy the woods (which I really did) but I hadn’t anticipated getting rather lost in them and so managed a 10 mile round trip. It was a beautiful day for it but I haven’t run that far in a while, so I’m rather knackered now!

As we are approaching the end of Michaelmas term, I feel a sense of uncertainty amongst us. I for one have days where I really feel it; mostly stemming from Covid-19 and how much it has impacted our experience. Long days sat working at my laptop, with a only a two-hour trip to the Business School to see people is starting to take its toll. As meeting people and making new friends is such a big part of the MBA experience, it’s hard not to feel sad at the fact that it just isn’t a “normal” experience. Thankfully, in those moments where I overthink things and question if I’m doing enough or the right things, I have some great people around me to talk to. My wonderful flatmate, Michaela, gets to be the ears for most of it (sorry!) but then I have also met some other amazing people who have all leant their ears on the many “walk and talks” this week. You know who you are (if you’re reading this) so thank you for the coffee/hot chocolate/Port Meadow/mulled wine walks this week; they’ve all been fab.

No Christmas movie viewing this weekend but hopefully normal service will resume next weekend, and as we all need things to look forward to, I’ve booked Catherine the college dog for a walk on Wednesday – excellent.

Just call me Nigella

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