Oxford MBA

Nine weeks in: a mix of feelings and another busy week…

Catherine the college dog

It’s been a busy week. It’s been full on. When don’t I say this though…

Usually I’m super up-beat about how full on it’s been and how much I’m enjoying cramming everything into 24 hours. However, today is not that day. Sorry to disappoint. I did, for once, think about not writing a blog post tonight because I didn’t want to sound down and miserable, but actually I decided to carry on because as much as this blog is about documenting my MBA, I have to be honest about it and when I read this back in many years to come, I will want to remember the times that weren’t so good as well.

I also have to put a massive disclaimer on this to acknowledge that really my “bad times” are nothing compared to many others in the world and I do appreciate this. I have a lot to be thankful for but sometimes, even for the most positive of people, things can feel a bit rubbish. A bit “meh”. And I think that’s allowed.

My new best pal

I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that’s made me feel a bit “meh” but I’m pretty sure Lockdown 2.0 hasn’t helped. Now that the end of it is in sight and Tier 2 awaits, I’m hoping that will help.

There have been many highlights from the week, including walking Catherine and taking part in an Oxford University trial to test rapid Covid-19 asymptomatic tests. A 30 minute test that can be done at home to test whether you are carrying Covid-19 (without any symptoms). Pretty cool, eh? I had my training this week and will go back next week to pick up a bunch of tests so I can repeat the process once a week from the comfort of my own flat. Hopefully it’s one more step along the journey of getting some sort of normality back in our lives.

Cookie Monster

I also managed to squeeze in a few runs around Oxford (my lifeline!) and a round of baking for some very special people. So it’s only a short update today: I think the best thing for me is an early night and an episode of “I’m a Celebrity” because if Ant and Dec can’t make me laugh anymore, I don’t know what will!

Oxford looking spooky on my early morning runs

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