Oxford MBA

I’m sorry but where has this term gone…?! The end of Michaelmas is looming along with some big deadlines…

Christmas in Oxford

So this is technically it. Michaelmas term is done. All that remains is to hand in three papers and boom, our first term at Oxford is complete. Absolute madness if you ask me. Literally, where has this term gone?!

This week absolutely flew by, again. We had our last in-person classes as team D4 on Monday, before the rest of the weeks classes moved online due to new Government guidelines. D4 will be no more in January as our timetable will be determined depending on one of the modules (GOTO) that we have had to pick. Sad times as I love our group and will miss having all my classes with them! (Shoutout to D4)

D4 crew

This week I made a start on our assignments, as well as preparing for this week’s classes. Even though the deadline for all three papers; Business Finance, Marketing and Analytics is on Friday 18th, the sooner they are finished, the sooner Christmas can begin. So that is my motivation for the early mornings and hours spent at my desk. I’m tracking pretty well; I’m 100% done with Marketing and Analytics and have (very) rough outlines for the two Business Finance essays. If I can finish by Tuesday night, I’ll be really pleased but if not, I want to finish by Wednesday night at the latest… wish me luck!

My two good deeds for the week include leaving a pot of chocolates out for the postman and delivery drivers (they were gone within a day!) and helping out at four virtual open days/networking events for prospective students. It’s so crazy to think that I was in the same position this time last year, and look where we are now…

A little pot of Christmas chocolate

It’s been a full on week of work which culminated on Friday evening with an online Christmas Quiz organised for us by the Marketing faculty. I thought it was a general knowledge/Christmas quiz but in fact, it was a quiz on actual Marketing and the course materials. Despite being somewhat confused by this, I did manage to come second, being pipped to the post by Jacob!

Let’s get quizzical
I’m not really a competitive person…😂

I don’t really have much else to report; I’ve just been getting my head down, trying to smash out these assignments. I’m looking forward to getting them finished then enjoying some fun days in Oxford, before heading home. I’m hoping the weather holds out so I can get some decent runs in, with all this free time I’ll have once I’m done with Business Finance! I took this video out on my run yesterday in Port Meadow – it was a welcome break from “Clippy Corporation”; our Marketing assignment…

Christmas also did come early for me this week, with yet another new kit drop. I am now living in my Cross-Country hoodie (it’s so snuggly!) and will be for the foreseeable!

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