Oxford MBA

How is it February already? Boss Women take on EP and a 100km cycling week…

A rare sunny day overlooking our friends 👻

I think I prefaced last weeks blog with “this is going to be a long one” (or if I didn’t, I meant to…) So this weeks blog, I’ll preface with the opposite; this is going to be a pretty quick read because let’s face it, nobody is really doing anything at the moment!

Oxford finally saw some sunny weather this week: hooray! I’m also noticing the mornings are getting lighter and the evenings are staying lighter for a little longer. I don’t really have trouble getting up and running in the dark, but I’ll never complain at lighter, brighter mornings.

We’ve had another busy week in our MBA bubble – the time is literally flying by, I actually don’t know how it’s Sunday again. The focus for this week really has been on the Entrepreneurial Project (EP) as our deadline for group formation was on Friday. This has meant a week of pitching ideas to each other and finding a team of 5 that were all keen on working together.

My group actually went about it the other way round: we all knew we wanted to work together so formed a team, but without a firm idea of what our project would be. I’m not worried that we don’t have our final idea nailed yet though, Team “Boss Women” is going to be just fine, I’m sure. I did laugh to myself as I entered our team onto the online system; every other registered team had really serious, boring names but we are rolling with Boss Women. It has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?!

It was so lovely to get a bit of sunshine and decent weather this week. It really does help lift the mood and makes running so much more enjoyable (although it’s usually pretty enjoyable for me). Zoom fatigue is really setting in, and as most of my classes don’t start until the late afternoon and go on into the evening, spending all day and night in front of my laptop is hard. So getting out for walks and runs in the sunshine is a real God send.

Dressed ready for my call from MI6…

To be honest, there isn’t really much more to report (that’s Lockdown 3.0 for you). I’ve been busy but with nothing worth mentioning; watching recorded lectures, prepping case studies, researching for GOTO and lots of reading. I wish I could tell you about the college dinners, black tie parties, rowing on the Thames and trips to London we’ve been having but if I did, you’d all know it’s completely made up because NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Thanks Covid, can you please move on now….

100km in the Zwift bag this week

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