Oxford MBA

Distinction…and proud!

First essay back deserves some bubbles

Who can remember way back when, many months ago, “Lockdown 2.0” had just taken its grip on the country, I was obsessed with making pancakes for weekend breakfasts, and we celebrated handing in a 3,000 word essay on British Airways…?

My blog post for the week was entitled; “I never want to talk about British Airways again…” which was slightly premature of me, as I’m mentioning it again now. This is due to the fact that this week we were sent out provisional marks for that piece of work. And wow. My jaw literally dropped to the floor when I logged on and saw “75”. Distinction. I was (and still am) shocked. Obviously I was also utterly over the moon! But wow. I really wasn’t expecting that.

As surprising as it was, it was also comforting to know that all the hard work and effort I put into it had paid off. I’ve heard of a few people who, in their words; “did hardly any work for it” or “did it in one night” and still managed to pass and/or get a Distinction. But that’s definitely not me, and I’m not even going to pretend I didn’t try really hard on it! Because I did and my week of 5am alarms showed that…

Receiving that news on Monday was a really positive start to the week, and the rest of it continued in a similar vein with lots of work, reading and running. It was our final week of the two core courses; Strategy and Firms & Markets (how have we done four weeks of these already?!) which means only one thing…assessment week…again.

Some epic morning runs along the canal

On Friday we had to submit our interim GOTO slides for a formative presentation we have to do tomorrow, so we have been busy beavering away on those throughout this week. As GOTO straddles the whole term, the presentation or slides aren’t assessed but it’s a good indicator to the tutors and the other groups of where we are and the progress we’ve made to date. As depressing as it can be, researching youth loneliness, it has been a really interesting topic to try and understand.

This weekend I got stuck into the 2,500 word essay that is due this coming Friday: an economic analysis of an industry of our choosing plus an entry strategy for a company looking to move into said industry. I am more confident about this one than British Airways, as it’s not a completely new process this time. I’m a fairly superstitious person (as Goal Shooter in netball, there has always been all sorts hanging on the edge of me missing a shot…does anyone else do that?!) which means for this next week I am just going to repeat the same process as before. I’m going to try and get my paper submitted as soon as possible, so I can take advantage of a couple of days downtime before starting the Entrepreneurial Project next week.

Wish me luck…

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