Oxford MBA

They’re letting us back in!

Blue skies at the Business School

We’re starting with good news today, people, as this is a positive space and as much as Covid really does try it’s best to get us down (and don’t get me wrong, sometimes it really does), we have some positive news to start the blog. The Business School is opening up its doors again! Hallelujah! We are officially allowed back into the School on March 8th and everyone is buzzing…

This news didn’t come with Uncle Boris’ original announcement on Monday; we were only told this on Friday afternoon. And so after the PM’s announcement on Monday evening, it all felt really rather depressing as his “coming out of Lockdown” plan all seemed so slow and far away. I can’t say it was all that exciting to think we only had to wait two weeks to sit on a bench with someone…

However, now that we have a date to go back into the School and do some classes in person, we have a ray of hope to cling to. We’ve had a really busy week on Zoom this week, and it’s just made me so much more excited to get back into the classroom. On Wednesday I had 8 hours on Zoom and five of them were back-to-back calls from 4pm to 9pm. What a time to be alive.

So this week was different again: Entrepreneurship Week. The whole week dedicated to our projects. It was run by the Entrepreneurship Centre and consisted of various talks from alumni-turned-entrepreneurs; team calls to work on our projects; and culminated in presentations to our tutor and fellow classmates. That Zoom was over two hours long but it was the most interesting call I think I’ve had this year, as everyone shared their team projects and it was so fascinating to hear what everyone else is working on.

He lost me on this one 😂

Monday was ridiculously busy, which is why I think this week felt so long. See what you think to my Monday situation: I started the day with a 6.5 mile run (fave part for sure), then we kicked off EP week with an hour introduction with Professor Hellmann, followed by an hour interview with Jeff Lynn (alum and founder of Seedrs), another alum success story with Dr Mhlomi, quick lunch before an hour and a half Zoom event to meet the Executive MBA students, followed by a 2 hour workshop: “what a good idea must have”, straight into a call with a Dr for a chat about our group project, then a quick change before leading the Monday Zoom workout class, quick bite to eat, finishing up with three hours working (virtually) with my team on our project and presentation… and breathe.

Monday morning run scenes

When I’m not zooming, I’ve been out in the glorious sunshine that we were blessed with this week. I made the most of it when I could and alongside a 25 mile run week, managed an hour walk with someone from my class everyday. I wonder if the opening of the Business School will be the death of the “walk and talk”…? I really hope not, as I love a walk and a chat down the canal or Port Meadow. Tom and I walked one of my favourite routes along the canal on Tuesday and it was lovely.

College not looking too shabby in the sunshine

So alongside EP this week, we had to start preparing for next weeks new classes. This has taken up the majority of my weekend and I’m still far from finished. Business Finance + and Capitalism in Debate. As with the other courses, these will last for four weeks and will be followed by an exam (what the?!) for Business Finance + and more group work for Capitalism in Debate. This will take us to the Easter holidays which BoJo has denied us yet again… I had been eying up another bike ride to Hamburg as Eliud is running the marathon there on April 11th. There is a perfectly placed EuroVelo path that takes you all the way to Hamburg from Rotterdam. But alas, it is not to be. So instead, you’ll find me sat on a park bench with one other person, celebrating the end of Lent with a big vat of peanut butter…

Bring. It. On.

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