Oxford MBA

Hilary by name, Hell-ary by nature…

Ok disclaimer: yes, we are renaming this term “Hell-ary” but let’s all remember I do love it here and I’m enjoying Hellary so much, it’s just a lot right now!

Still on the sofa resting the ankle 😫

I can see why normal undergraduate and postgraduate terms are only eight weeks long. They are intense. And we have three more than the normal terms. Yes, we need to pack as many in as possible to get our monies worth(!) but right now, we are about to enter into (I think!) the busiest two weeks of the whole year.

Over the course of the next eleven days I have to complete the following: create a financial model for our Entrepreneurial Project before our tutorial on Tuesday; take part in a 15 minute debate on Thursday for our Capitalism in Debate module; submit our GOTO Loneliness report (3,000 words) and presentation slides (15 minute presentation) on Friday; give the GOTO presentation next Monday; take a 2.5 hour Business Finance Plus exam the following Thursday; and on Good Friday submit another 3,000 word report on the debate that will happen this week…

And this is all whilst coordinating with team members across time zones in both Canada and Hong Kong. It’s going to be a wild couple of weeks.

This week we had our Launch Presentations for the EP project. We didn’t realise until the evening before that the panel were actually investors and people with experience working with start-up companies. The CEO of Freeletics was meant to be on our panel, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. However, we had two other great panelists and we received some promising feedback. We also had feedback on the lack of numbers in the presentation, hence why I need to quickly create a financial model before we meet with our tutor again on Tuesday!

My amazing EP team doing our presentation 🙌🏻

Meanwhile, I’m still not running which is a whole other world of stress for me. I rely on running for a good old stress relief, and when I can’t do it, it stresses me out even more (terrible vicious cycle!) I did make it to the physio this weekend, who couldn’t give me a conclusive answer and is sending me for an X-ray to investigate whether it’s a hairline fracture on the bone (please dear Lord let it not be).

I have such wonderful friends 😍

Even though I have a shed load of work to do, I’m planning on a super early night tonight so I can start the week fresh and get back into my early morning assessment week routine (even though assessment week is officially next week, with the amount of deadlines we have this week it’s basically an assessment fortnight). So, wish me luck! 5:30am I’m ready for you…

2 thoughts on “Hilary by name, Hell-ary by nature…”

  1. Hi Jo. Another crazy few weeks for you. It sounds such hard work and completely relentless but you seem like you’re thriving on the challenge and also enjoying it. Best of luck for the next few weeks and I hope you get a rest soon xx

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    1. Hi Auntie Sarah, so lovely to hear from you! It’s exactly that but I really am loving it. Not long before the Easter break now though! Hopefully see you all soon xx


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