Oxford MBA

Happy Easter 🐣🐰 we made it to the holidays…

And just like that, Hilary (or Hellary, as it’s more commonly known) is done and dusted!

Celebrating Michaela’s Good Friday birthday!

Quite the epic of a term, culminating in a Business Finance exam and submitting our team 3,000 word Capitalism in Debate report.

We celebrated Michaela’s birthday on Friday, once all assessments were complete. And now we are making the most of the student travel exemption, which allows us one trip back home during the holidays: on Saturday we hot-footed it back up to Yorkshire for a much needed long weekend of rest and relaxation.

Celebrating with a picnic in the park

These past two weeks have been incredibly intense, with a lot of anticipation surrounding our Finance exam. It was the first Oxford exam we had taken, as all of our other assessments have been essays, reports or presentations. The fear of the unknown. On top of that, as a predominantly maths exam, it could have gone horribly wrong and felt completely impossible. However, I think my hours of prep work did payoff and the exam went *ok*.

Amazing friends leaving me pre-exam treats on the doorstep 🥰

Our GOTO presentation on Monday also went well; the team did a great job and we were all happy with it. Being team 62 out of 63 meant we had to wait all day to do it, but once it was over it was a great relief. No more loneliness for me!

60% of the best GOTO loneliness project team 🙌🏻

Anyway, I feel like there is a lot more I could say about this week, but honestly, I’m knackered. And I can’t remember what else happened. The days and nights blur into one big mess of revision, report writing and presentation practicing. So I’ll leave it here for now, and head to bed. Yes, at 8:52pm on a bank holiday weekend…

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