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A wholesome few days in Yorkshire and Map the System Semi-Finalists!

The Easter holidays are flying by! We are already ten days in and so much has happened. Thankfully, unlike the Christmas holidays, I didn’t succumb to complete exhaustion so our trip back to Yorkshire was enjoyed to its full extent.

Alongside lots of tasty homemade food and Easter chocolate, we threw in some great workouts, a trip out on the bike and a couple of runs. I’m pleased to report I am back running, pain free, and managed a modest 16 miles this week. It’s half of what I would normally be doing, but I’m just pleased to be back running pain free, so I’ll take it!

40 days and 40 nights peanut butter free for Lent was finally over

I also got to re-open the barn gym for a couple of sessions, which Michaela (hopefully!) enjoyed. In true Easter fashion, we had a morning with the lambs and Michaela made a new best friend.

Our trip back home was short and sweet, as we still have lots of work and other activities going on. I’ve had calls with the Careers Team and on Friday we found out that our Loneliness Team is through to the semi-finals of the Map the System Competition.

Map the System is very similar to our GOTO module, which is why I applied to it. It is a global competition run by the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, and delivered in partnership with educational institutions around the world. The competition challenges participants to use systems thinking as a guiding approach to understanding some of the most complex issues the world faces today.

I entered our Loneliness report and systems map and we have been chosen to compete against five other Oxford teams to represent the University at the global final in June. It has meant that this weekend was spent updating our presentation so it was 10 minutes long, rather than 15 minutes and pre-recording it with the team so it can be aired at the semi-final this Friday. Exciting!

The deadline for our pre-recorded presentation is Wednesday, however we had to get it done this weekend as from tomorrow I am heading to college for a live-in rowing training camp.

We have been issued with a timetable for the week and it sounds like a very intense five days of early morning workouts, outings on the river and workouts on the erg-machines. We all will live in college together so we can just eat, sleep, row, repeat! I’m really excited for it, let’s just hope we have a week of sunshine and no rain!

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