Oxford MBA

It’s tiring being 30 and growing a bone…

Hi Darren 👋🏻

This week I had to accept that the birthday celebrations were definitely over (boo). The decorations and balloons came down (although Darren is still living his best life) and I really had to get focused on school work, as we have somehow come to the end of week 2 already and assessments are a matter of weeks away (a 5,000 word investor report; 15 min presentation with 15 slides; an extended slide pack of 25 slides and a 1,500 report; and a 3,000 word essay on negotiations. Gulp.)

Life on the sofa

Brian and I are resigned to the sofa most days to take my lectures in the morning, and then work in the afternoon. A typical day for me is spent with at least 14 hours on the sofa – such a contrast to life before Brian.

After the excitement of the previous week, this one has felt a lot more subdued but I’m still so tired! It’s amazing just how much energy it takes to heal. I had an online physio appointment on Thursday and together we put a timetable together for my recovery. Tomorrow marks the 3 week anniversary, and my physio says I can try to start walking around the flat without Brian on. It’s a weird thought that I could be walking without Brian soon. Personally, I’m not convinced I’ll be going very far as it still feels very tender at the fracture point and I’m very nervous at even just putting the sole of my foot on the carpet. Will report back next week…

Two things I have noticed though (unfortunately) are: 1. How much skinnier my right leg looks now – it’s noticeable and ridiculous. The calf muscle has just completely wasted away and my left calf has probably bulked out a bit too with the fact it’s taking all my weight!

And 2. The boot seems to have caused my right foot to have rolled outwards, which is annoying and unfortunate – I’m hoping to get some exercises from the physio to fix it, but I can just tell already that this recovery process is going to take an awful long time. London Marathon is starting to look like an impossible task…

On Friday I ventured into the Business School for a full day workshop with my EP team. It was good to get out the house because since my birthday, the furthest I had been was the car park for 10 minutes of fresh air and hobbling. However, by the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted. Who knew that re-growing a bone would be so draining?!

Teamwork makes the dream work

It’s been quite a week, emotionally and physically. Brian and I are still struggling on – I’m definitely getting more used to the boot but since taking it off and seeing how small my leg is now and how much foot is healing, I’m worried that the recovery process is going to be long and painful and/or there are going to be further complications down the line from having the boot. I hate the fact that I can’t tell if it is healing correctly or if what I’m feeling is right. I guess only time will tell, and for now, I can only try and stay positive…(which is easier said than done).

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