Oxford MBA

Brian’s Big Day Out…

What a crew 😍

Tomorrow marks the one month anniversary of our dear friend, Brian. It’s so weird to think that I haven’t used my foot (or leg, for that matter) in four weeks now; and it’s really starting to show. My right leg is looking so skinny minnie compared to my left! It’s partly hilarious, partly worrying, but I know once I’m back running and in the gym it will work itself out…I hope!

Talking of exercise, #ProjectComeback is officially in full swing. The physio has cleared me to start doing some exercises, which I love. I literally look forward to my 5:45am alarm, so I can do a little workout and feel a slight sense of normality. Obviously it’s by no means the kind of workout I would normally like to do, but it’s a start. Also, depending how this next week goes, I’m hoping to get in the pool and start swimming, so fingers crossed for that later this week.

I’m happy to confirm that we did make some big moves this week. Brian was tossed aside for all of 10 steps as I attempted to walk again. IT WAS SO WEIRD. It felt like I was learning to walk again and I had just seen my feet for the first time. It was so odd. Since then I’ve done a few paces around the flat most days, just to start getting used to the idea of walking and waking up the muscles in my foot. Slow but steady.

Getting those first steps on record

This week has been another busy one (when do I not say this in my blog?!) but as we have assessments due over the next two weeks, it’s crunch time. Again. I’ve actually had a couple of emails this week from people reading my blog, so thank you for those! I love getting them. One of them requested a full “day in the life” so here we go, happy to oblige! This was my Wednesday this week:

  • 0545 – wake up and complete Brian-adapted workout.
  • 0730 – obviously showered and changed after workout and at my new sofa desk to finish some reading before class.
  • 0900 – 1215 – Entrepreneurial Finance Class. I take it on zoom from the sofa. It’s an interesting class, and I really like the lecturer but it’s a long time to concentrate on numbers for!
  • 1215 – I have a new habit of taking in some daily laps of the car park after morning class and before lunch.
  • 1300 – do some work on our Finance model for Entrepreneurial Project. It’s due this week so I needed to spend a chunk of time on that.
  • 1500 – I had a call with an alumnus of the School to hear about his role in a health-tech startup.
  • 1530 – back to work but this time I did some work on our Entrepreneurial Finance Project assessment. It’s the meaty 5,000 word + a financial model one, so it’s going to take some time to get through that!
  • 1830 – we had a Zoom focus group with some super helpful parents who filled in our EP survey. We had an hour with them talking through our ideas and getting feedback, which was so helpful.
  • 2000 – quick dinner and then I was meant to do a couple of hours preparing for Negotiations class in the morning, but I just did half an hour as my brain was fried, and I did the rest at 6am the following morning.

A typical day really. Thursday was a bit different as Student Council had organised a “Taco Thursday” Happy Hour in the marquee at the School, so even though it was pouring with rain, at 5pm I hopped in a cab and went round to School to hang out with people for an hour or so, which was so nice. I realised by Thursday, I hadn’t actually left the flat (except for my car park walks) since the previous Friday, so it was nice to get out and see people.

And today, Brian had a big adventure out. He’s come back very muddy after trekking through Christchurch meadow to watch the inter-collegiate rowing. We had a lovely brunch (hopefully our last one out in the rain!) and then headed to the river to watch the boys in their boat races. I was super jealous of all the racing, as St Catz girls were racing too at one point. If only Brian wasn’t with us, I would have been out there too 😩 it was fun to watch the boys though – we were definitely the loudest there!

We planned the matching outfits…obviously 😂
Made it much easier that both Diego’s were racing 😂

So we’re gearing up for another busy week – and with more lockdown restrictions easing, it will mean even more fun things to do. Fingers crossed, Brian will be venturing outside of Oxford next weekend and heading to Lords…wish us luck!

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