Oxford MBA

So much to do, so little time…seeing 2am a little too often and a trip to Lords Cricket Ground

What a week it’s been. Or as one of my MBA friends would say; “it’s been a time”. Too right. Last Sunday seems an age ago, yet it has also flown by so fast.

Last Monday Covid restrictions were eased a little, and we were finally allowed to have 6 people indoors, and 30 people could legally gather outdoors. So, naturally, this meant we needed to celebrate this occasion and 30 MBAs hired out the rooftop of one the bars in town. It was so much fun and things finally felt a little more normal. However getting 4 hours sleep on a Monday night at the start of a double assessment week was definitely not the one!

Going big for a Monday…

Our first deadline was Friday 1pm, when we had to submit our Entrepreneurship Project papers. This consisted of a 25 page, detailed slide deck; a 15 page pitch deck; 1,000 word executive summary; 1,500 word journey report and a financial model. So a lot of work. Bear in mind we have been working on this project for a couple of months, and all the work previously we had put into this. It was huge.

I built our financial model, and on Wednesday afternoon I had a call with a Finance and Entrepreneurship expert to give him our pitch and explain our business idea. It was a great call, and he was super helpful. But I knew as soon as I left the call, we had a ton of work to do. Less than 48 hours before the deadline, we changed our entire business model.

This meant working all hours on the presentations and financial model to turn it around for the Friday 1pm deadline. By 1am on Thursday, I think I was delirious. A weird part of me actually loved the stress and adrenaline of it. At one point we were working on “shifts” with Jas signing off at 3am for me to pick it back up again at 6am. It was a wild couple of days. But we made it, and with 2 hours to spare!

Our next deadline is 4pm tomorrow. Everything we handed in on Friday is only worth 50% of the final mark for that project. The other 50% is down to a 15 minute presentation to investors. We’ve been rehearsing at 9am both Saturday and Sunday, and I think we’ve finally nailed it. Fingers crossed they love it as much as we do.

Alongside working all of the hours God sent on EP, we still had our final week of classes to attend and start the next batch of assignments due this Friday: a 3,000 word negotiations essay and a 5,000 word entrepreneurial finance project. It’s been a time.

Today though we had a break away from the books and presentations, and made our way down to Lords cricket ground in London. I think this is my first trip to London in 2021 and definitely Brian’s first outing there.

The Varsity match against Cambridge was being held there, and it was a great excuse for the MBAs to let off some steam. I’m not sure we actually saw that much cricket – the weather really wasn’t on our side. However, everyone was well hydrated and enjoying themselves before 4.5 days of manic assessment writing.

MBAs on tour

And Brian, oh Brian. Tomorrow is our 5 week anniversary. I feel weirdly attached to him now and I’m starting to question a life without him. Another week on and I think we’re making progress. We’re doing some Brian-free walking on the carpet in our flat, and on Friday I actually went for a swim. This was big progress and I’m really happy to be back in the pool. It was really strange for the first couple of lengths, but 45 lengths later and we felt pretty good.

I also received the news this week that I have a spot in the 2022 New York Marathon reserved for me! The combination of New York and London is everything that is keeping me going right now, and purposeful in my recovery. As much as I want to recover as quick as possible, I don’t want to rush it and do long term damage. So knowing I have New York in November 2022 to look forward to, is just the best.

So now that we’ve had our fun day off, it’s time to climb back into the assignment cave and not emerge until Friday at 1pm. At which point I’ll probably emerge, and go straight back into sleep…

Strike. A. Pose.

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