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8,000 words later we make it through Trinity…part 1

Thank you sunshine 🤩

It was so lovely that the sun graced us with its presence, just as I was crawling out of my assessment hole on Friday afternoon. 12:45pm on Friday, fifteen minutes before the deadline, I submitted my group’s 5,000 word paper, and swiftly went out for a celebratory lunch. These past two weeks have been a long old slog; surviving (barely) on little sleep, plenty of coffee and late night sushi deliveries (thanks, Diego 😂).

Monday (which oh my days, feels like a lifetime ago now) started off the week with our EP presentation. I think it went really well and we were all pleased with how it went. It was good to have an encouraging start to the week, as it was 8,000 words from then on in.

The best EP team ever

When writing these posts, I normally reflect on my week; looking back at my calendar and refreshing my memory on the activities of the week. However, when it’s assessment week, I just know now not to even bother. Every day is basically the same: early alarm, swim, work, eat, work, work, work…I often find myself on the sofa for a good fourteen (if not more) hours each day.

I really struggled to get into my Negotiations paper, so had to spend a lot of time thinking for that. At the time, it feels like wasted time as I’m not technically “doing” anything. I’m just sitting. And thinking. In the end however, I think it was worth the late nights and early mornings of thinking, as I handed in 3,000 words which I think resembled the right topic!

My other paper, which was a group one, was Entrepreneurial Finance. This was a slightly more stressful experience! Friday 03:30am I was sent one of the questions from a team member, which I then had to start frantically adding to the rest of the paper. So it is fair to say that I’ve spent the week in an assessment hole – Saturday night I slept for a whole 10 hours; I haven’t done that in a long time!

Friday night I wasn’t so successful in getting that much sleep – post assessment partying and excitement of 30 person gatherings got in the way of that. It was so fun to have an evening not thinking about work or the next assignment. I promised myself one full day off after Friday so I had Saturday off to reset the brain before starting three new courses this week.

Post assessment happiness

I’m going finance heavy this half of Trinity with: Mergers & Acquisitions, Investing in Private Markets and Managing Global Tech Businesses. This half term feels very busy already; 3 x 3,000 word essays and with the world slowly opening up post-Covid, prioritisation will be the key!

And finally, Brian. We’ve had a lot of progress this week; a call with my physio confirmed the inevitable: London marathon will be postponed until April 2022, which is crushing for me. However I have a new goal in October to refocus on which will be building to London next year. I can just imagine crossing that finish line now. It’s going to be incredible. It will literally be a year to the day that the accident happened, so it seems fitting.

Positive progress though includes a lot of pain-free swimming. Win. A 30 minute ride on Bikey on my turbo trainer. Win again. And today, I walked a whole mile WITHOUT BRIAN (but with my crutches) to watch the rowing down in Christchurch meadow. Triple win.

Brian, where are yooou?

This week I’m focusing on as much walking as possible without the boot – it’s 6 weeks tomorrow, so I’m a little ahead of the normal schedule. As I’m sure you can imagine, I am militant about doing my physio exercises, so maybe, just maybe, they’re actually working…

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