Oxford MBA

Brian is nowhere to be seen; starting new courses; and some big life decisions…

Big news people: for the first time in 7 weeks, I have managed a FULL WEEK without Brian! He is positively gathering dust now in the corner of my room; looking on longingly as I waltz around the place without him. It just wasn’t working between us; I’m too independent and he was way too clingy…

All of my walking this week has been Brian-free and crutch enabled. However, I have been slowly building into some crutches-free walking. Today I managed, for the first time, my normal walk down along the canal without any assistance and it was glorious. Firstly, as I can now walk without crutches (don’t get me wrong, there is still discomfort) and secondly, just to take some time to be by myself (forever an introvert at heart).

Brian free at the football

After what has been a whirlwind week, some time alone was much needed. The new classes this half-term are particularly full-on. Monday morning 9:00-12:15 followed by 17:00-20:15 of ‘Investing in Private Markets’ and ‘Mergers & Acquisitions’ is enough to leave even an accountant with a headache. That’s the same format for Wednesday too and Tuesday/Thursday is 3.5 hours of ‘Managing Global Tech Businesses’. After a week of that, followed by a day in London yesterday with a large group from the cohort, I just needed some reset time today.

Don’t get me wrong, yesterday’s London excursion was fun. London Business School had organised an inter-MBA football tournament in Battersea Park between LBS, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and Imperial. As per the cricket at Lords, we don’t need much of an excuse as a cohort to have a fun day out so we headed down early to support our boys and girls who were playing. And it was a successful outing, as Oxford A team were victorious in the end.

Let’s go, Oxford!

On Tuesday evening we ventured out to our first pub quiz in many months. We all know I love a quiz, and even more so when we win it! An excellent return to the quizzing world, I’d say.

And on Wednesday, in between my classes, I met my Mum and one of my sisters for her belated birthday lunch. We went to my favourite cafe in Oxford: the Handlebar Cafe – highly recommend anyone to check it out if you’re looking for excellent gluten free pancakes, hot coffee, and to be surrounded by bikes. The dream.

This week I’ve also had some mini celebrations along the way. Firstly, was my entry into ‘Poets & Quants’ Meet Oxford Saïd’s Class of 2021. Poets & Quants are the holy grail of everything MBA; I spent hours on their website when researching Business Schools and taking the GMAT test. And each year they profile some of the students from all of the top business schools. And this year, I am one of them! Chosen by Oxford to be included in this list, I am actually really proud as only 11 students (out of 311) were chosen. You can read my interview here:


The second mini celebration also marks a major point in life decisions I have to start taking, as we near ever closer to graduation. A lifelong dream of mine has always to be an entrepreneur; to work for myself and build something of my own. I’ve spent many, many years watching Dragons Den and wondering what it takes and really, the only way to find out is to do it. So, as of this week, I called off the “job search” and I am now dedicating myself full-time to being an entrepreneur and working on taking our Entrepreneurship Project further. I absolutely loved the time we worked on that project and I really believe in the product, so wish me luck(!) and watch this space. Big things are coming…

Evidence of that crutches free life

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