Oxford MBA

Finally we get a formal! And an entire week crutch-free…

Rowing dinner

Tomorrow marks mine and Brian’s 10th anniversary, and to mark the occasion I have had a whole week of walking without him or my crutches. After last week’s devastating news that the fracture was still there, I’ve been working hard on all things rehab and I’d like to think they are starting to pay off. I can’t believe it’s 10 weeks tomorrow since the accident happened; that’s nearly 3 months of no running….slightly concerned I’ll not actually remember how to do it!

We are now really into the home stretch of the MBA; it pains me to say it but we only have 12 weeks or so until graduation and we are let loose into the world once again.

In order to leave in the best position possible, I’m busy working hard behind the scenes to make sure our business is setup for success. This week I attended a full day virtual conference: Investing and Fundraising in Health Tech and FemTech. They had some really interesting and useful speakers and the most bizarre thing happened, which got me really excited.

As it was a virtual conference the only way attendees could interact was via the chat function on zoom. It was very active and lots of people were commenting and chatting as the different speakers were talking. Mostly it was comments on the content or people sharing their ideas. Then suddenly the conversation turned to effectively what is our idea and I was sat there watching this chat between random strangers saying how much they needed our product and how useful it would be!

I quickly chimed in and shared with the group that I was working on something along those lines, and if they were keen to know more then please connect with me on LinkedIn. Then literally within a matter of minutes, I had tens of requests asking when it would be available, how they could be kept up to date and asking for more information. It really confirmed that this is something worth pursuing. And I’m so excited for it.

Lots has happened this week actually, on top of the usual hours of lectures: I did a presentation about Boden’s Digital Transformation to my Managing Tech and Digital Businesses class; we took a trip to the Oxford Union to hear the final debate of term, I hosted a talk with the Marketing Director for Nike EMEA, and I got to have actual in-person meetings with the Entrepreneurship Centre, which after months of Zoom was so lovely!

Then this weekend we finally got the event we’ve all been waiting for…a formal dinner! It was the St Catz Rowing dinner and we were allowed to sit in Hall and have our 3 course dinner served to us. It feels like a long time coming; apparently in non Covid times, these are a regular occurrence, alas, it was not to be this year. It was just a great excuse to celebrate the year of rowing (thanks Brian, not) and wear our nice dresses and black tie.

Finally get to wear a dress!

I also had a very special visitor come to see me this week! The very yummy mummy, Emma brought baby Isabella down for lunch and it was so lovely to hang out for the afternoon. Look at those cheeks and arms; she is one adorable baby.

Such a cutie 💕

And I’m going to finish today’s post with a little mention for my wonderful Dad on this Fathers Day. I know you are reading this, so I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for Cress, Smooth and I. I know I wouldn’t have achieved half the things I have achieved without your help and support. You are the funniest, smartest, and most loving man I know. Thank you FF; I love you.

Forever my #1

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