Oxford MBA

Theresa May bags us a Distinction, fancy dress for class and formal dress for dinner…

My Monday morning started off in a rather unusual way. I can now say I have attended a MBA Private Equity lecture dressed as Super(wo)man, in the Sheldonian theatre in Oxford. Not many people can say that, eh.

Superman for the morning

To start our week of final classes for Trinity term, our Professor asked us all to come in fancy dress. I’d say it was a pretty poor performance from most but it was a bit of fun for a Monday.

On Monday evening we found out that we had made it to the semi-finals of the All Innovate competition. All Innovate is Oxford’s inter-college idea competition for everyone and anyone across the University to enter. Students pitch ideas to win a share of £20,000. So many teams apply, so it was great to hear we made it through to the semi-finals. This meant I had to do a 2 minute pitch on Thursday afternoon along with fifty (yes, fifty!) other teams. Thankfully we didn’t have to sit through 49 other two minute pitches; that would have been a bit much. Unfortunately we didn’t get through to the final, but it was good practice.

After a day of classes on Tuesday, I had the most packed social calendar: three events in one night. Who even am I?! We first started at The Business School for Private Equity drinks and nibbles in the marquee. And yes, before anyone asks they were all very “Covid secure”. In fact we had four marquees and up to thirty people in each of them. Plus the School were being extra strict and making us sit in our tables of 6, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a rule for outside anymore…

Another chance to dress up!

Anyway, after starting there at 5pm, we then hopped in a cab and dashed across town to St Catz for their attempt at a “formal” dinner at 7pm. It was basically a normal dinner but they had told everyone to come dressed up to give it those “formal” vibes. Normally formal dinners are three course meals with wine and waiters, not a queuing system to pick up a meal in a polystyrene box and paying for your plastic cutlery! On top of that, we were booted out of Hall after 30 minutes, so all in all, not a great “formal” experience.

My third and final social event of the night was the pub to watch the England game. I have to say, if you want to go unnoticed in a pub, don’t turn up in a full length ball gown and a full face of makeup. The 90% male occupancy of said pub definitely thought I was completely lost/ out of my mind!

On Wednesday I made it to the Examinations School for our final M&A class. I’m really pleased I did as it is such a beautiful building. Luckily, we don’t have any exams in there this year but it was pretty cool to have a class in there. That, combined with the Sheldonian Theatre have provided some pretty iconic Oxford venues for classes this term.

This week we also found out our grades for the GOTO project. It seems like a world away since we were talking about the loneliness project, but we finally received our grades back and Theresa May bagged us a Distinction! We were all really pleased, obviously, as we worked so hard on that presentation and essay. Great work, team.

We wrapped up a really busy week with a picnic and some croquet at Pembroke college on Friday evening. It was so lovely! Jas and Jez are such great hosts and had prepared a fabulous spread. We picnicked, played croquet and chatted til late – such a great evening to end a hectic week and start the journey back into my assessment cave.

Oh man. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have 9,000 words to write before Friday 1pm. This is wild. I can remember back in Michaelmas term, when we had one 3,000 word essay to do in assessment week. Now we have three. At once. I can’t even deal with the thought of it.

I did a bit of quick maths earlier and calculated that over the course of this Masters, I will have written 43,000 words. Yes people, 43,000. When people ask me what makes it so hardcore at Oxford, that will be my answer.

And on that note, I’ll leave it there and crawl back into my assessment cave. See you on the other side…

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