Oxford MBA

9,000 words in the assessment cave followed by the best weekend with my favourites…

This week has been the most uneventful week in terms of actually doing anything. I have been locked in the assessment cave pretty much 24/7, except for a brief trip out to the physio on Monday.

This week has definitely been sponsored by the word “relentless”. By Thursday I was definitely running out of steam; three papers of 3,000 words each, all due on Friday at 1pm is no mean feat. And on top of that, two of them were pretty financially heavy, so many hours were spent grappling with company valuations and private equity management fees. Don’t even ask…

This has definitely been the hardest assessment week yet; reflecting on it now, I’m actually pretty proud that I managed to turn in 9,000 words on three unrelated topics. It took some 5am wake ups and 12am bedtimes, and even some random 10pm walks around the block for inspiration. But, 45 pages of A4 and multiple cups of coffee later, Trinity term is done.

My one trip out in the week was in the form of a hospital physio visit. It definitely felt like a positive trip. He did lots of prodding and poking of my foot which surprisingly didn’t actually hurt. Then we progressed to some jumping on one leg exercises, which I’ve been doing religiously all week. All in all, I think it went well and he seemed confident that I can start running again soon. So, fingers crossed…

The excitement for the week came once I had handed everything in. Firstly, the mild panic comes that you’ve handed in the wrong essay but once that passes, it’s pure relief and excitement. Mainly because I then headed up to Newcastle to spend the weekend with two out of three of my best friends!

There’s a baby in there! 💕

The train ride was five hours up there and six hours back on Sunday, which gave me a lot of productive time to work on business things for this week, which was great.


Kirsty and Todd were meant to be getting married this weekend but obviously, Covid happened so they postponed. However, we had a mini party/BBQ weekend instead, which was so lovely and so much fun. And of course, the star of the show, Isabella was there – the most gorgeous baby around. I was meant to be coming back down on Saturday night but I was having such a lovely time, that I left Sunday morning instead. It was just the perfect end to a stressful week.

And now, I have an actual week off class! I only have two classes left before the MBA is complete (again, how has this happened?!) and my next one starts a week on Monday. So this next week is a combination of R&R and market research. I’m going to be a travelling one man band, visiting schools for market research purposes and also heading back to Yorkshire for a bit. I. Can’t. Wait.

Oh and also…it’s coming home…

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