Oxford MBA

A week off, a trip to Yorkshire and back to the old stomping ground


After a busy weekend in Newcastle, it was nice knowing I had a week off class. Trinity term has officially finished and we are now into the term they call “Long Vac”. In this summer term everyone has a choice of either taking two elective classes or doing an internship. I have chosen the elective route, which means I have two more classes and two more essays and then I am officially done.

So, because of the electives I have chosen, I had a week off this week as my first one doesn’t start until July 12th. To be fair, after the previous assessment week, it was much needed just to rest and recoup before starting again.

However, it wasn’t as if I had organised the most restful of weeks. It started bright and early on Monday morning with me packing up my case and heading to Beaconsfield. I had organised a few school visits for the week to undertake some market research with the kids.

The first stop was Beaconsfield to my sister’s school. Before heading there though, I met up with two lovely ex-colleagues from Boden; Jill and Harriet and a new addition, baby Frank! It was so lovely to catch up with the both of them and to meet baby Frank.

Baby Frank 💕

I spent the afternoon at Beaconsfield High School, running workshops with girls of all ages. It was so useful but also so tiring! By the end of the day, the thought of heading into London then back out the other side up to Yorkshire was not ideal! But it did mean by Monday night I was back home and then could spend the rest of the week there with my parents.

It also meant that on Tuesday I could go to my usual physio, Jenny, so she could assess my foot in person. I’m so glad I did, as it put my mind at rest, as she thinks I’ll be back running soon. Jenny was also really impressed with how even and balanced my body is. She did all sorts of strength tests and says it’s usual to find that one side of your body is stronger than the other, but even with my injury she said I was the most balanced person she’s ever worked with. Result. Lesson for us all: when the physio prescribes exercises to do, do them. They actually work.

On Thursday, buoyed on by Jenny’s positive news, I went on my first proper bike ride, which was amazing. It’s been so long (because of Brian) since I’ve been out on my bike so it was brilliant to get out with Dad in the sunshine. More of that please.

The main event of the trip back north was a morning back at my old school, QEHS, which I attended from 2002-2009. The kids all thought I was so old! I spent the morning doing more market research with lots of the girls, which was so useful. Hopefully I’ll be able to return in the autumn with an actual product to show them…fingers crossed.

And then it was back down to Oxford to start the next block of classes. I’m starting off next week with the Business of Entertainment; very different to the previous finance heavy term, but I’m sure it will be very interesting nonetheless.

For the eagle eyed subscribers who will get this sent to them as soon as I press “publish”, you may wonder why it’s at least five hours earlier than normal. Well, I figured everyone (including myself) will be a bit preoccupied later. Apparently something fairly major is happening around 8pm tonight, which is why I find myself on a train travelling into London right now. I may be on my way to the big smoke, but football, well it’s coming home…

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