Oxford MBA

Pouring from an empty cup…

Balliol College dinner

If I wasn’t so stubborn or disciplined or intent on writing a blog post every week, tonight is definitely the night I would have given it a miss.

However, in order to capture the full picture of my time at Oxford and the plethora of experiences and emotions I feel, it’s only right that I do.

Ultimately, I write this blog for me. I never imagined in a million years that, week on week, many others would read it too. I write it because, as I found out last week when I was home; I have been writing diaries since the age of 5. So apparently it’s just what I do. (And one day, when I write my Alan Sugar style autobiography, your girl is gonna need some material 😉 )

Over the weeks and months of writing this blog, I’ve received messages from family, friends and strangers commenting on what an amazing time I’m having and how I’m “living my best life” etc. Which don’t get me wrong, most weeks, I really think I am, so I’m glad it comes across like that.

But not this week. And not this weekend in particular. It’s actually going to have taken me over two hours to write this because I feel so exhausted, generally down and so apathetic right now. I hate feeling like this, but it’s my reality right now and how my week has generally progressed.

I had the first of my one week intense courses this week: The Business of Arts, Culture and Entertainment. It was a great course to do because it was a week full of guest speakers; mostly friends of the lecturers. We heard from the COO of noma (the Danish restaurant crowned best restaurant in the world multiple times); the CEO of the British Olympic Team days before he flew out to Tokyo; a BBC Studios Producer; a film director; the creator of The Big Breakfast and Survivor; and many more people.

Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre

It was an intense week – in class and in-person from 9am until 430pm most days. Very different to our previous learning experiences and just so good to be in the Business School.

The social highlight of the week was an MBA dinner at Balliol College. It was a brilliant summer evening and so lovely that we finally get to have formal dinners with the MBA cohort. Hopefully there will be many more to come over the summer, as we literally are on countdown now to graduation and leaving Oxford.

With the course last week being an intense week long one, we now have a 3,000 word essay to write and hand in before next Friday. However, I have a trip to the Trauma Clinic on Thursday morning for (hopefully!) a final X-ray of Brian and then Jas has her 30th birthday party in the evening. So my aim is to get the essay done ASAP, so I can enjoy celebrating her birthday and hopefully a fully healed fracture.

I just really hope tomorrow and the rest of the week is much more productive than today. It has to be. I have really struggled these past few days and these are definitely not the times I will look back on as “living my best life”. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

2 thoughts on “Pouring from an empty cup…”

  1. Bless you Jo. You’re doing a great job and we love reading your updates. Sorry to hear you’re struggling but I’m sure you will overcome this little set back. Hope the essay goes well and you get the best news regarding your leg. Sending love and strength xx

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