Oxford MBA

My life would be infinitely better if I still wasn’t in pain…

Final class ever…

It’s now been 10 days since my last accident and I am still nursing some painful ribs and back. I can’t tell you how annoyed I am; I really can’t focus on anything else at the moment.

The worst thing about this injury; including the fact that it was a stupid, freak accident, is unlike Brian, I don’t actually know what I’ve done. At least with Brian I knew it was a broken bone and I knew it would take 12 weeks to heal. With this, I don’t know if my ribs are bruised or fractured or if it’s my intercostal muscles that are giving me grief. At least by knowing what the injury is, I’ll know how long to expect it for. For now, I just have to go to bed each night, praying that it feels better when I wake up. Which, as of yet, has not happened.

Apart from having an agonising week, I have been in class completing my final module of the MBA. It is crazy to think we have pretty much completed the course; 2021 has flown by. This course was called Implementing New Business Initiatives and I bonded greatly with one of the lecturers, as by Day 2 we had realised we were both from Doncaster! This particular lecturer is such a lovely man; in his 80s and still teaching! He just loves it.

My last lectures!

I seem to be doing a lot of crying recently (mostly because of these injuries) and Thursday, 5pm was no exception. We finished the class and I had a little tear roll down my face! I was so emotional as I realised the MBA was basically finished. I have one final 3,000 word essay to complete (I won’t miss writing these!) and then I truly am done.

I have ten days to write it, so luckily didn’t have to start it this weekend. I’m just not in the right mindset at the moment, with my current injury, so I had the weekend to rest and hopefully help the healing process.

Now that we have entered August, this is my final, full month in Oxford. So crazy. Once I have written this essay this week, I will have to start planning on my next steps out of here and hopefully, at some point, have a holiday! I really don’t feel like myself currently and don’t want to start my next chapter feeling out of sorts. So once this final essay is done, that’s next on my list…

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