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Happy 1st Birthday to my baby blog 🥳

Captured on my walk (not run 😢)

Today marks my 70th blog post and the first birthday of “Yorkshire To..” It is wild to think that I’ve been writing this blog for a year now and it has captured everything from my epic bike ride to my year in Oxford.

I’m also amazed each week at how many people take the time to read this and catch up on my week’s activities. At last count, the stats say we’re nearly at 15,000 views now. So crazy.

It feels very special and that the stars have weirdly aligned that this anniversary lands on the same day that my all-time hero, Eliud Kipchoge, retains his Olympic marathon crown. He, ultimately, is the reason I write this blog. He is the reason I set out on my bike trip to Vienna, one year ago tomorrow.

2 x Olympic Champion 🥇

I’m going to deviate away from normal service this week, as it feels more special to dedicate this blog to its anniversary. And, to be honest, the week hasn’t been anything too exciting anyway; I’ve been working on my essay and had a few social events here and there but nothing much else to report.

I’ve had quite a reflective day; I actually looked back at some of my blog posts from my trip to Vienna. It is crazy to think I did that trip a year ago. Part of me thinks it feels like a lifetime ago, yet another feels like it was only yesterday. My most popular blog post of all time is the “Letter to my 10 year old self” one, which I wrote on the penultimate day of my trip. I wrote this paragraph about my future in Oxford:

This ride has given me this time to reflect, before we hurtle on into the next big opportunity. And yes, that maybe a daunting one but it’s also exciting and unpredictable. Who knows what will happen after spending a year at Oxford University; you will actually visit the University twelve years earlier, but won’t find a course that is right for you – well, now you have, so go get it. Enjoy it. But stay true to yourself, you know who you are now and what you want. You just have to go get it.”

And who would have thought, I was actually right! It has been exciting and unpredictable and who would have guessed at the end of it all, that I would find my amazing co-founder and we would be starting a business together… just crazy how these things turn out.

If you haven’t read that blog post from August 2020, please do go back and check it out. It’s definitely my most popular post ever.

And so another week has rolled around and this time, I can say it pretty much is the last week of my MBA. Bar graduation in September, this is pretty much it, as I have to hand my essay in by Friday. Once that is done, that will be 44,000 words in the bag. Then, as I said last August sat in my little hotel room, it will be onto the next big opportunity, as daunting and exciting and unpredictable as that will be…

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