Oxford MBA

MBA? Completed it…💪🏼

Submitting the final assignment

Exactly one year ago today, I happened to be six days into my cycling trip to Vienna. It was a 100km day from Koln to Koblenz. If I think back to that day, riding along the EuroVelo, I wonder if I ever imagined the day one year from now? How different my life is now.

Throwback to this day last year

This week has been an intense, fun and emotional week. I handed in my final paper; marking the completion of my MBA and degree at The University of Oxford. Pressing submit on that essay on Thursday; it was an emotional moment. I reflected on the past year and how quickly it had passed, the friends I had made and the exciting new path I find myself on.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jas and I visited the Ashmolean Museum. A birthday present for her, we had a celebratory afternoon tea with some Prosecco. We had a great afternoon and it marked the celebration of so many things; our friendship, our degrees, our Distinction for our Entrepreneurial Project, our new business together and most importantly (but we didn’t know then!) Jas’ engagement to Jez!

Jez proposed on Friday to Jas and we had an impromptu celebratory night out on Saturday to celebrate them. We had the best time. It was so much fun and just so great to be back dancing in bars! We all loved it. Like we love J & J.

Like I said, it’s been a whirlwind of a week, and to add to all that, a trip to London to hang out with the family and celebrate Dad this time. I just had a wonderful day on Friday. I took the train down to London at lunchtime and met Mum at Kensington Palace. We went specifically to see the “Royal Fashion through the Ages” exhibition. Of which the main event is Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

It is quite something, let me tell you that. And not really for the right reasons. The train is incredible; 25 foot long – the longest Royal train to date. Apart from the that, the dress was really not to our taste, or anyone else in the exhibitions it seemed! It appeared to be an off-yellow colour, made of material that was heavy and easily creased. The sleeves were something else; pouffy, frilly and with bows, honestly really not a timeless dress.

However, it was great to see. Afterwards Mum and I made our way back to their hotel where we met everyone else for a drink before dinner. We had a fun dinner with lots of laughing and jokes and I made it back to Oxford just after 11:30pm, a great time had by all!

So now we move into the final 4 weeks here in Oxford. The final week is called “Capstone”, which is basically a full week set aside for graduation and graduation activities. This means Jas and I have three weeks to work on the business, before we take some time off in September to move to London and take a well earned rest. It’s going to be an exciting and fun few weeks, with the MBAs making the most of all still being in one place. I’m looking forward to more fun nights out, college dinners and finishing the year off in style.

Oh and one more thing; a great thing that happened this week….I’m back running! Honestly, this week has been brilliant on some many levels, but clocking up a total of 15 miles on Strava has been the cherry on the cake. One last physio appointment tomorrow and finally, fingers crossed, I can say I really am back…

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