Oxford MBA

And she spoke too soon…the virus that took down the MBA!

I read back my post from last week; “MBA…Completed it” and now I realise why I’ve been struck with a virus all this week. The week was so intense: activities everyday, essays due in, parties, trips to London, hosting visitors, that my body, like most of the MBAs at the moment, decided enough was enough.

I had a successful visit to the physio on Monday and then spent a few hours with Jas working on prep for an interview we had on Tuesday. It was for an equity free grant of £20,000, which would obviously be INCREDIBLE if we were awarded it. It’s a long shot as they had over 200 applications for seven awards, however, we did a lot of work on Monday afternoon before going to a gym class together.

I remember feeling really tired in that class, but I thought it was just the remnants of burning the candle at both ends for most days the previous week. Later, when I got home I felt a little tickle in my throat, which by the time I woke up on Tuesday had turned into the most awful sore throat. It was as if I had razor blades in my throat. Just my luck really as I had two interviews that day. Not only that, my body was aching and my head was throbbing. Pretty much of a repeat run of what I felt at Christmas when we finally stopped for a holiday.

I’ll miss these walks along the canal!

In between the two interviews, I just rested as much as possible so no running or exercise. I was also meant to be going to an Oxford United football match on Tuesday night but cancelled that in the hope that a night in would clear the virus up quicker.

By Thursday I started to feel much better and was pleased to be over the virus before a big party on Thursday night and a formal dinner at Christchurch college on Friday. But, I spoke too soon. The wonderful thing about viruses it seems, is that they lure you into a false sense of security of feeling better, you start living your life again, and bam! They’re back.

I left the party early on Thursday night because I felt rough, and I wasn’t the only one. I was desperate to go to the formal on Friday night as it was being held at Christchurch college; notoriously hard to get into and the one which is the inspiration for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films.

Friday I just worked on my laptop either from my bed or the sofa. I’ve been manually inputting data into a spreadsheet for what feels like eternity, but will be super useful for an ideation session we are holding this Tuesday.

There wasn’t really a question whether I would make the formal – I was definitely going. It was just dependant on how many pills I needed to get me there! And I’m so glad I did. Christchurch is an amazing college; the Great Hall is incredible. It is literally like you are walking on a movie set (well, you are) and the history is unbelievable. After the dinner, one of the MBAs who is a member of the college snuck us into their common room which is Albert Einstein’s old office! How crazy is that. There I was, sat in Einstein’s office, on a Friday night playing Kerplunk at 11pm. Does it get any more Oxford?

This weekend was meant to be a recovery weekend, however, I don’t feel all that recovered yet. I’m hoping this doesn’t last too much longer and I can get back to enjoying our last few weeks in Oxford. I’m taking an overnight trip to London this week in search of a flat, so fingers crossed next week, I’ll be able to announce I have a new abode…wish me luck!

And P.S. for those of you concerned it might be Covid-19, I can confirm it’s not. I’ve been taking daily tests since Tuesday so it’s definitely the dreaded virus that’s taking us all down!

(some of) the class!

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