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Nearly 1,000 views of the last blog; exciting news and feeling much better…another crazy week!

Welcome to all my new readers… I wouldn’t normally say this, but since the Business School published my last blog post all over its social media last week, I have had an influx of readers. My last post now tops the charts as my most read blog; reaching nearly 1,000 people in a few days. So, hi guys 🙂

I’m pleased to report I am now feeling much better, but it was a hideous virus, that took until Thursday this week to shake. I really hope that is the last of it now; I just don’t have the time to be feeling rubbish, especially as we received some amazing news on Tuesday…we were awarded one of the £20,000 grants!!

To say Jas and I were over the moon is an understatement! We were in shock; it was just the news we needed to give us a boost and keep us going as we feel slightly burnt out from the year. We found out on Tuesday, a couple of hours before we ran an Ideation Session with some of our classmates, so we celebrated with a massive balloon (thanks, Diego!) and a little bottle of champagne.

£20,000 to kick-start us!

On Wednesday, buoyed by the news of our grant win, I made the trip down to London in search of a flat. Unfortunately it was an unsuccessful trip; one viewing was cancelled on the day, then I saw four other flats and I’d say three of them looked so different to the actual advert online. It’s so annoying how estate agents do that.

With only a couple of weeks left in Oxford, I’m itching to find my next place to live. I actually counted today how many times I’ve moved house; I was distressed to realise this move will push me into double digits. Anyway, due to the unsuccessful trip last week, I’ve booked more flats to see this week, so fingers crossed I’ll find one next week.

This week was also the one year anniversary of completing my cycling trip to Vienna. I enjoyed looking back and reflecting on the whole experience and just realising how quick the year has gone! I celebrated on Friday by watching the new Kipchoge film. It was incredible. It was so good to see his build up and then relive some of the sub 2 hour marathon event itself. I loved it.

This week has finished with a trip up to Yorkshire. It’s been lovely to get away from Oxford for a few days and return to my favourite county. I’ll be back down to Oxford tomorrow for one more full week of work on setting up the business before Capstone week. It’s going to be another crazy one of work, finding a flat and probably lots of parties as we make the most of our final few days together.

Bolton Abbey

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