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In Memory of Granny Dryden

In the early hours of Friday morning, our Granny sadly passed away in hospital. Receiving the news on Friday wasn’t the news I was hoping for. At the grand old age of 94, Granny really had done well. So, amidst all the sadness, today’s blog post is in memory of her. This one’s for you, Granny.

Iris Lee (1927-2021)

Well Granny Dryden, what can we say,

It’s time to say goodbye; maybe see you one day.

The lady in the White House, on Upcott Hill,

Hosting lunches for twelve in your nineties, still!

When we were younger, you came up on the train,

But I didn’t want to go, didn’t want to do that again!

However, over time we enjoyed the holidays more,

Saunton Sands, Canary Islands, Sicily Isles; memories evermore.

Of course, Christmas now will never be the same,

Trips to the panto, shouting up the chimney and the present sorting game.

And of course, the famous family Christmas event,

The party to end all parties where you really were in your element.

Baking chocolate cakes; a real speciality of yours,

I would take one back to university with me; greeted with applause.

Your lunchtime tipple, usually a dry white wine,

But often champagne to give your guests a good time.

Memories of old include watching Postman Pat and Fireman Sam,

Summer trips to Okey Show and biking to Meldon Dam.

Your BMWs that you really couldn’t drive,

And dishing out fruit pastilles in the hospital; around people you really did come alive.

There is so much that everyone will miss now you are gone,

From the way you shouted “Peterrrr!” to you calling me just to see how I’m getting on.

A master of bridge, but you never taught us how,

Whereas, Rummy and Uno we will always think of you now.

We thought you would live forever, possibly outlive us all!

The strength of an ox; we thought you were infallible.

But now the time has come, say goodbye is what we must do,

Goodnight; God bless, Granny Dryden, Grandad is waiting for you.

Granny: the life and soul of the party

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