My final week as a nomad and Isabella’s 1st birthday party

This cutie is 1!

Yay! It’s my final week of living out of my suitcase in other people’s houses and Holiday Inns. As much as I massively appreciate being able to stay in my sisters flats (thanks Cress and Smooth!) I am so excited to move into my own place. It’s not happening quite just yet: I have a couple of weeks back north before decamping with my belongings to my new flat.

This week I’ve been based out of Beaconsfield, commuting into London when necessary. On Tuesday I had a full day of in person meetings, which was so lovely!! It was great to catch up with old colleagues and receive some sound advice on all things digital (thanks, Phil!)

London looking good

It was another busy week at Luna HQ – along with all the meetings, we have been having regular Zoom calls with Mums and daughters, which has given us some great feedback and new ideas. Who knew Roblox was so popular?!

We’ve also spoken to a few different designers about working for us to design the app. This week I’ve taught myself how to use a program called Figma; where you can basically design what an app (amongst other things) can look like. We’ve also spoken with lawyers, investors and teachers. It’s been so good, exhausting and exciting all rolled into one.

On Tuesday night I went to the first meet-up of all the grant award winners, along with Savs, the lady who awarded the grant. It was great to meet the rest of the winners; we’ve seen each other so often online, in the various calls we have but it was great to meet everyone in person.

As much as we are working all hours of the day; it’s been a great first month. We have achieved so much in such a short space of time!

We are still on the lookout for parents and girls to speak to, so if you know of anyone who wouldn’t mind sparing 20 minutes, please do point them to or drop me a message at

Equally, we are sending out our monthly newsletter tomorrow, so if you want to be added to the mailing list, please let me know! Drop me a message, email me or leave a comment below.

This weekend has been just lovely. On Saturday I drove to the most gorgeous birthday party for little Isabella. The cutie is turning one, so we had a little party for her! It was so great to see Emma and Isabella but also Lo and Ains. We missed Kirst a lot; we nearly had a full JELK reunion – someday soon hopefully! But it was so lovely to catch up with Emma, Lo and Ains – roll on Christmas for the full gang to get back together!

Love you guys xxx

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