Taking time away from the blog and finally, yes finally, moving to London!

Love these freaks of nature ❤️❤️

Don’t worry, people: I’m back!

Disclaimer: I fully realise no one was that worried about me missing one blog post for the week, but as always, I did get some lovely, concerned messages from you lot. So thank you for those. Just know that last Sunday I wasn’t in the right headspace to write this; looking back now I can see it was a mix of nerves and apprehension about moving back to London, and I know, if I’m not feeling the blog, there really is no point in writing it.

However, I’m pleased to say, now that I am all moved in and settled in London, I feel much happier about being here. Phew!

I moved on Thursday with the help of my amazing parents. Honestly, I promise you both, that is the last time you will ever have to do that. My flat happens to be on the 4th floor, which meant a lot of stairs as the lift, which is just outside my door, was out of order! Typical. Thank you both so, so much. I love you.

The flat is so lovely and super spacious, meaning Bikey gets his own room! And it even has a balcony with a pretty incredible view of the canal and the City.

In the world of Luna, lots has been going on. If you haven’t already, check out the website and sign up to our newsletter at and follow us on Instagram.

Getting professional with our filming!

We’ve been busy recording podcasts, applying for grants, sorting our social media, prepping for a school visit on Tuesday, speaking with the lawyers about GDPR and trademarks, and tomorrow we get to see a working prototype of the app for the first time!

Every week is just as busy as the last, which is great because it really feels like we are moving forward and achieving little wins each week.

This weekend I’ve been exploring new gyms and running routes, which makes me so happy. I have a few Parkruns to choose from on Saturday mornings and today I ran down the canal to Victoria Park, which I actually think is my new favourite park now. It’s huge and is really pretty! It doesn’t even feel like you’re in London there.

So I’m pleased to say, I hope to be back into the regular swing of writing this blog and sharing our Entrepreneurial journey, as I know a lot of people are interested in reading about the process behind building a business. I can’t promise it will be all sunshine and rainbows every week, but if you’ve been round here a while, you’ll know that by now!

It’s going to be a busy week ahead but I’m looking forward to a trip up to Leeds next weekend, and hopefully, trying out a Parkrun up there!

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