Getting used to the idea that not *every* week can be as productive or achievement-filled as the last…

Everyone loves merchandise

I’m learning so much on this entrepreneurial journey; not only technical and practical things such as, how to create a marketing campaign or why we need to register trademarks but also about the experience as a whole and the need to deal with the negatives as well as the positives.

Every Friday afternoon, Jas and I have a meeting where we recap on the week and write down all the positive things that have happened. Not only does it serve as just a great reminder, a bit like this blog, to look back on and remember exactly what we did that week, but also gives us a moment to process our achievements, no matter how big or small.

Seven weeks in, we’ve had a pretty full list of things we would consider achievements for the weeks – we are basically setting everything up from scratch and everything is new to us, so every win, big or small, makes Li the list.

However, this has been our first week where we both started the call saying “hmm doesn’t really feel like we’ve done much this week”. It wasn’t that we hadn’t been productive and “doing” things, it just felt as if we hadn’t achieved as much, and for two generally high-achieving, highly motivated and dedicated people, this left us a little deflated.

Saying that though, we did receive the first designs of a prototype app back from our designers late on Monday, ready to take to a discerning group of sixty 11-15 year olds first thing on Tuesday. It was a highly hectic day; one of those ones where you look at your watch and think “how is it that time already?!”

It also felt very Apprentice-esque: picture me running across London with a massive suitcase full of products to catch a train; followed by Jas and I frantically cutting up QR codes and stickers on said train; assembling goodie bag after goodie bag for the students to take away; and then delivering four high-energy sessions back to back whilst having questions fired at us. All before then having to hot-foot it down to the nearest cafe to fix the website the students were about to crash with their signups!

So despite not feeling like we had achieved much, this school visit gave us some great data points and feedback from our target users. We are going to another school this week to repeat the same exercise, but hopefully this time, I won’t be dashing for the train and everything will feel a little less frantic!

We’re in this for the long game, so I know I shouldn’t judge how we’re doing by having one slightly less productive and achievement-filled week. On Wednesday night we joined an online event at which one of the Co-Founders of Birchbox, Katia Beauchamp, spoke at.

Birchbox is an online monthly subscription service that sends a box of four or five beauty samples to its users every month. Katia started the business with a friend she met whilst pursuing her MBA and earlier this year, ten years after starting out, she sold her company for $45 million… so as much as it’s great to celebrate week by week, it’s good to remember there is no such thing as an “overnight success” and in the grand scheme of things, having a week or two every now and then not feel as productive as the last, isn’t the end of the world…

This thing caused me so much grief this week! 3 days of beeping and 2 days of no hot water…not ideal!

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