“And what do you do…?” “Me, I’m the Secretary of State for Education”….oh, great!

Doncaster 10km

Well what a week it has been. I’m writing this again from Yorkshire (I do seem to spend a lot of weekends up in Yorkshire for one reason or another) as this weekend I found myself back racing a 10km! I haven’t run a 10km (race) in a few years. I always thought it was my least favourite distance but I really enjoyed today.

This week Jas and I had our first taste of Venture Capital. Well, Jas not so much so as (handily) she interned with one of the best Venture Capital firms whilst we were at Oxford, so she is our secret weapon! For me, on the other hand, this is a whole new world. I have only dipped my toe into this world via the popular BBC show; Dragons Den. Having spent years watching that programme, I thought I knew quite a lot about VC, but apparently it’s nothing like that!

However, this week we were invited to pitch at Playfair Capital’s Female Founders Office Hours. We sent our pitch deck in thinking we wouldn’t get anywhere (we’ve only been doing this for 8 weeks!) but amazingly, we had an email back saying we had been accepted.

It was a whole afternoon event, online of course, where we were matched with four different Venture Capital firms. As soon as we entered the “zoom” room, the fifteen minute timer started counting down. It went by so quickly! And the ending was so abrupt – the timer went red and then the call just ended. Brutal.

It was a baptism of fire into the VC world, but I’m going to have to get used to it pretty quickly. I’m so glad I have Jas (for many, many reasons) as she really knows her stuff in this world, so I’m ready and able to learn.

After that, on Wednesday evening, we headed to an event run by Zinc, another Venture Capital firm. It was held at “Kidzania”, basically an indoor play centre with building replicas where children can play at careers such as a firefighters, dentists or shopkeepers. It’s insane, even as an adult so it must be so fun as a child!

There was probably over two hundred people there. One of the first things the person at the mic asked us to do was turn to a person near us and introduce ourselves. So, I saw a man who seemed to be partner-less and introduced myself. He replied with his name and asked what I did. To which I explained Luna and the concept behind it. He seemed really interested and so, to continue the conversation, I asked him in return what he did and why he was at the event. And wow, what a response it was; “Me? I’m the Secretary of State for Education”… ah, very nice!

So that was a slight embarrassment for the week. I did email him the next day to see if he wants to hear more about Luna, so fingers crossed he remembers the excellent idea and not as the woman who had no idea who he was!

This week has also seen a great week of running; firstly, I’ve found an excellent new running club, London Heathside Athletics Club. This means Tuesday nights I can now spend turning myself inside out, around the running track with a very fast group of people. I am currently not one of those very fast people, but hopefully we’ll see improvements pretty quickly.

The track by night

Which leads me nicely onto my 10km performance today. In temperatures ranging from freezing to three degrees, nearly 3,000 people dragged their way around Doncaster town centre. It was a very enjoyable run out (apart from mile 5 where we had a lovely incline to contend with) and a great line in the sand to see how much quicker I can go over this next year. However, I can’t complain at 47:45, considering I was only taking my first steps without Brian the Boot four months ago. Onwards and upwards…

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