A new found respect for television presenters and a sick-inducing track session…

And action!

The focus for this week at Luna HQ has been technology and content. Two very critical elements of our business and two things I know next to nothing about…!

We have been deep in customer discovery and understanding our users for the past few months, that now we are really ready to actually build this thing. Unfortunately for us, neither Jas nor I can code or do anything of the like. So, this week I have been deep into the minds of techies to try and understand the best way to do this.

I spent a few days researching freelancers, agencies and other techies, followed by a few days on calls with them understanding if they were the right people to work with. It’s a whole new world of technology out there and it’s going to be a steep learning curve!

For a break from technology, we spent Friday morning at the Dream Factory; a content production studio in Shoreditch. Naively, I thought it would be fairly easy to whip out filming a few videos and we would be done pretty quickly, with some decent content.

Oh wow. How wrong I was! I have many problems being on camera but one major one…MY FACE. Wow. Just wow. I already knew I didn’t really have a poker face but honestly, the amount of strange contortions I can pull with it, completely unconsciously, is just ridiculous! We have hours of footage, but honestly, I think the bloopers and outtakes will be more useful than the actual content!

Hamster cheeks for life

When we weren’t talking tech or pretending to be terrible TV presenters, I returned to the track for another week. I love my Tuesday nights. Even though I am, honestly, right at the back of every session, I am running some of my quickest times! Tuesdays session was 4 x 1,200m + 5 x 300m and by the end, I really thought I could have been sick. Great feeling though!

Track Tuesday!

On Wednesday night I hosted my first dinner party in the new flat and we raised a glass of Prosecco to the publication of our final results from Oxford. Two more Distinctions in my final two papers, confirmed my overall Distinction for my MBA – a wonderful feeling to have it written down in black and white.

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