Happy New Year: 2022, we’re ready for you

Welcome, 2022! After a short hiatus of blog writing for various reasons; the C-word being the main factor… I am back and looking forward to my second full year of writing this blog.

Christmas, which now seems like an age ago already, was lovely although I have been recovering from a bout of Covid-19. In mid-December I tested positive and so spent the lead up to the festive period in self-isolation in my London flat. It wasn’t much fun; I had a couple of really bad days and then it was an overwhelming sense of exhaustion alongside flu-like symptoms.

The dreaded double line

My trusty Garmin happened to be the first to inform me that something wasn’t quite right. I record a fairly steady resting heart rate of 45 beats per minute on an average night (when I release my inner snake it can go as low as 37bpm) so when I noticed a jump to 55bpm, although not exactly rapid, the sudden increase seemed a little intriguing.

Confirmed by some lateral flow tests and then a PCR, Covid-19 had finally caught up with me.

The headache could only be described as a constant, intense pressure. My brain felt like it had expanded beyond its natural state and was knocking on the walls of my skull, which in turn was trying to push it back into place.

If someone had offered to drill a hole in the side of my head, I honestly think I would have paid them to do it. The need for some sort of release valve, when painkillers weren’t even touching the sides, was all that I could think of.

From my knobbly elbows to the tips of my fingers to individual vertebrae down my spine, I’ve never had body aches like it. Some quick Googling informed me that body aches and pains were fast becoming the number one symptom of Omicron, so at least I knew it was “normal”!

That whole week I kept thinking about how much worse it would be if we weren’t all vaccinated. I mean, I felt that horrendous with two doses, I dreaded to think what the full-fat version of Covid does to you. The semi-skimmed one is bad enough…

Thankfully, my isolation period ended way before Christmas itself but even for these weeks since, I’ve still not felt 100% right.

I ventured out on my first run in many weeks today and oh my word, 4 miles has never felt so hard in all my life. I was running so slowly and yet my heart rate was through the roof. What should have been an “easy” pace felt so incredibly hard and by the end, I was really struggling.

I’m not afraid to admit it either, but I cried when I finished. I’m not entirely sure why; just the mix of emotions of tiredness, confusion as to why it was so painful, and the realisation of how much Covid has taken it’s toll on my body.

I had already cancelled the half-marathon I was due to run in March; however, todays run really confirmed that as the right decision. As upset as I was at the end of that run, I’m more motivated now to get back to full fitness and have a great year of running.

2021 was set to be my best year of running yet; a half marathon PB followed by an epic London Marathon were both on the cards, but thanks to breaking my foot, swiftly followed by my ribs, 2021 was one of my worst years of running. And now, topped of with Covid in December, 2022 hasn’t started off how I would have liked.

However, goals have been reevaluated and I’ve given myself 12 weeks to build back to my pre-Covid fitness, then 12 weeks to build to a half marathon PB. If that works, then I’m aiming for a marathon PB and possibly even a Boston Qualification at London Marathon in October.

After a washout year in 2021, these are some lofty goals for 2022, and now building from a base of next to nothing, is going to be even harder. However, I’m going into 2022 with a positive and happy mindset and a solid training plan, so I’m excited to see some progress through the year.

It’s going to be a massive year for Luna as well this year. At the end of 2021, we received news that we had been nominated for Business Because magazine “Top 10 MBA Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022”, which was super exciting! But this blog is far too long now, so there will be more on that next week.

And to those of you that actually did make it this far, thank you and happy new year! Thank you for continuing to read this each week; I honestly never set out to write something that so many people would come back to each week; it was merely a way of keeping my Mum updated on my cycling trip back in 2020. Now here we are, going into 2022, a blog with over 20,000 views. Just crazy.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2022 and hope you continue to enjoy following along my running and entrepreneurial adventures!

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