Back into the swing of things…

Welcome back to London!

It’s funny to think I started the week up in Yorkshire and I’m finishing it down in London. Not unusual, I know. It just feels like this week has lasted forever! I keep seeing that meme about how long January is, but since our Luna planning day on Wednesday, I have a feeling it’s going to fly by.

As mentioned in last weeks blog, this one is going to more business focused than personal goals focused. On Wednesday we had a full day of planning for Luna, at our new office; which was super fun. We have some big goals for Luna this year; obviously, the main one being to actually launch the app. A process I have never been involved with before, so it’s all new territory to us. However, as ex-business consultants (shout-out to Deloitte), if there’s one thing we both can do, it’s plan. Now we just have to execute on that plan!

Our first major milestone is to successfully pull off a pilot of our app in February. For this, my Steve Jobs skills need to appear, so I can spend January building our first iteration of the app. I have to say, if we pull it off, it will be pretty cool to say we created v0.1 of the app, despite being the most untechnical people out there!

The aim of the pilot is to give us the data we need to take to investors and say “hey, people are using this app, please give us some money to go and build it properly”. If there happen to be any early-stage investors, or wannabe early-stage investors out there, then please do let me know. Let’s talk…

The pilot is going to be key for us, so we want to make sure it’s the best it can be. We have an amazing team of medical students creating content for us and a team of qualified medics reviewing it. We also have at least 4 schools signed up to be part of the pilot; it’s going to be a very closed community but again, if anyone is or knows any teachers or medics out there that would like to be involved, please send them my way!

And finally, one last ask: if you’re not already signed up to our waitlist and newsletter, please do! It would really help us and we appreciate the hundreds of you that already are, but if you’re not: is where it is at to sign up. And please, spread the word with friends and family.

We really want Luna to succeed and I hope you will enjoy following our journey this year. Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that women co-founders are still very much underrepresented when it comes to investment funding. According to Harvard Business Review, women led startups received just 2.3% of venture capital funding in 2020. Seriously, it’s crazy. So it’s even more reason for us to have some solid numbers going into pitch with – we need to give these (probably male) investors no reason to say no.

So as you can see, it’s going to be an uphill battle. Just by signing up to our monthly newsletter is one way you can help us. So thank you if you have so far, and thank you if you will do now.

And just a quick note on my running – I’m slowly building back up. I’ve had to buy a padded running gilet though for the cold mornings as my chest is still feeling the Covid effects – highly recommend it to anyone in the same boat!

Wish me and my non-coding skills luck for the week; I intend to do nothing else…

Happy to be back running!

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