Just call me Jeff…

…Bezos, that is.

I feel like my last week is how Bezos must have first felt when he started Amazon from his garage; coding away, building his website to buy and sell his books. My whole week has basically been focused on building this “no-code” version of the app. If only this version 0.1 of Luna sets us up in the way that Jeff set up Amazon, just think how successful the app could be in enhancing peoples lives…

I spent last weekend working out how to use this no-code programme, Adalo, so I could hit the ground running on Monday. This proved fruitful as Monday turned out to be an incredibly productive and fulfilling day. I was actually creating the bones of the app, and I have to say for a complete ‘non-techy’, I was really impressed with myself!

If only the rest of the week continued in a similar vein…alas, it did not. As I tried to create more and more complicated features, my natural intuition ran out and many a times I found myself stumped. My screen time hours for YouTube has significantly increased this week as I researched and watched many videos of “how to do x in Adalo” and then step by step tried to recreate it.

Some of the things this tool can do though are so complicated and confusing. I have had days this week where progress has felt like nil, as I’ve just had to watch videos and try to recreate the steps, only to press “preview” on the app and it not work in the way I want it to.

Undeterred though, I have another full week focusing on the build this week. I’m hoping to nail some of the more fiddlier components this week and by the end of the week have something in pretty much good working condition. Fingers crossed.

Working from the balcony

Aside from the app build, I have managed to increase my mileage again this week. 12 miles of running and a session back at the track. Although, I did have to abort the track session for the final reps, as my chest really had given up. Damn, Covid. Enjoyable nonetheless but much slower than when I did the exact same session about 6 weeks ago.

Slooow track session this week

However, I’m just going to keep plugging away, building back up nice and slowly. 16 miles this next week would be great.

This weekend I managed to escape the city and spend some time out of London with Cress and KJ. I had a lovely time away from the flat for 24 hours or so and have come back with a renewed perspective and ready to go again. Thanks both for your hospitality – happy to provide PT/chef services anytime…

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