Luna balloons and cupcakes for our first event…

Ok so now my head is a little confused; 7:30pm on a Sunday? Monday night? As a creature of habit, this Monday evening blog writing is testing me no end, however, after a day of filming yesterday and returning to my flat at 8:30pm, writing the blog was the last thing on my mind.

On Sunday we had a really exciting and full-on day, as Luna hosted our first event! It was a closed event, for our wonderful medical students to film content for the app, however we went all out and decorated the filming studio with balloons and had plenty of Luna cupcakes and snacks on hand.

The whole day was expertly choreographed by Jas, so I have her to thank for it all! Whilst I’ve been able to get my head down and build the app, Jas has been liaising with Shane and Bianca, our wonderful MBA friends who are filmmaker extraordinaires; the Dream Factory to book the studio and the medical students to create scripts for the videos and then came on the day to film. She also organised all the decorations and snacks and personalised Luna cupcakes! No mean feat.

The day ran pretty much perfectly as well. I left my flat at 07:30am on Sunday morning and made it to the Dream Factory just after 8am, when we thought they would be opening up. Unfortunately they opened up a little later than planned, so it was all hands to the deck to get Shane and B set up in the studio for filming and the seating area decorated and ready to receive the students.

Setting up for the day

Our first medical student arrived bang on time ready to start filming at 9. Kim was such a natural and it really set the tone for the day. I had the fun role of being the clapper board person (I’m sure there’s a better, technical name for them but we’ll go with that for now) – so every time we shot the video again or moved onto another clip, I would come in a clap the board. So fun.

The filming continued pretty much non-stop with different medical students from 9am until 1pm when we had a quick break for lunch. Our medical students were all volunteering their Sunday for us and some had even travelled from Birmingham to film with us! They were all so good on camera as well; we can’t wait to see the finished result. It’s just my job then to make sure they look good in the app! Eeek…

After lunch the cameras were rolling again from 1:30pm to pretty much right up until the Dream Factory shut up for the day at 4pm. As you can imagine, a full on day! Some of our friends came by throughout the afternoon to support us as well, so, to say thank you to everyone once the filming was complete and we were all packed up, we headed to a nearby pub for a celebratory drink.

We did it. We pulled off our first Luna event. We had some lovely feedback from our medical students afterwards, thanking us(!) and saying how much they enjoyed the day. When really, we couldn’t thank them enough!

The day really energised us both and gave us more motivation to keep going with everything. I can’t lie, as much as we love working on Luna and we know we’re onto something with what we’re building, we still have days where we talk to investors who don’t get it; or I have days where I’m stuck on one tiny part of the app that doesn’t click through properly and it frustrates me no end; or we just have days where everything feels hard.

But, days like Sunday where we get to meet amazing medical students who don’t know us from Adam, yet willingly give up their time to write scripts and film content and write articles for us because they truly believe in what we are doing, well that really does give us more firepower to keep pushing forward, one day at a time…

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