When will I ever talk about anything other than building an app…

…not just yet.

Another week goes by, another week spent watching YouTube, learning how to build a no-code app. My week peaked on Friday when I received an email from Adalo (the platform I am using to build the app) congratulating me on unlocking the next level of member status because, I quote, “we see you’ve been busy reading and learning with us, so we are promoting you to the next trust level”. My Steve Jobs life has just peaked.

In terms of work this week, I really am still focused on the build of the app. I applied for my Apple and Google developer status this week (Steve Jobs life is very real) so next week, I can actually move the app from on my laptop screen to *hopefully* a fully-functioning app on my phone! This will be absolutely wild, seeing it on a phone, as right now it still feels very abstract and I can’t even imagine it coming to life. However, with February looming and the start of our four week pilot, it really does need to become a reality this week.

On that note, our parents/teachers, users and investors newsletters all go out this week, with a much more detailed update on everything Luna. So, if you’re not signed up to them, make sure you do tonight so you don’t miss out! You don’t have to even be a parent/teacher/user/investor, we welcome just purely interested parties too! Head to and add your email to the waitlist box.

In running related news, I made it to Parkrun this week for the first time in 2022! Hooray! It was the first weekend since Covid that I felt good enough to go, which is crazy. However, it did signal the end of a lovely 5 week build up phase. I have slowly progressed from running 0 miles in the week of 20 December (backend of Covid) to now 17 miles of running and 26 miles of cycling this week. It’s a very slow build-up for me but I think it’s worked well. It means I can drop back down slightly this week in mileage to have a “de-load” week, to then start building for another five weeks to get me to around 35 miles of running.

This week of slightly less running and slightly more rest actually fits in very well with work, as it will be all hands to the deck, working all hours to ensure we have a fully tested and working app this time next week. Imagine that. Let’s hope this time next week that’s actually the post I’ll be putting out!

Chilly old track session this week

Lastly this week, I did manage to make a flying visit out of London, for all of about 24 hours to visit one of my best friends, Emma. We took Isabella, her daughter, to soft play (quite an experience!) and then on Saturday evening, Emma and I ventured into the small town where they live to sample the local nightlife. It was great fun, even though we did think at one point we had stumbled into the local college disco!

To say I’m nervous for this week is a slight understatement; but I keep telling myself, people publish apps to the App Store all the time, so if they can all do it, there’s no reason why I can’t too…here goes nothing!

Happy Birthday, Em! 💖

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