Did I speak too soon…? Probably…

Thank you for all the concern/messages/love last week when there was no blog post!

Last week I really wasn’t feeling well and I was also very tired from the previous week, so I did the sensible thing and actually went home for a couple of days to recuperate. Not really feeling much more rested, I returned to London on Wednesday morning and actually, having a full day off today has really helped.

In the past two weeks it feels like a lot has happened but also, in a way, not a lot has happened. I think I definitely spoke too soon when I said “we have a working app!” two weeks ago. Yes, we may have had it working on mine and Jas’ phones but the process of approvals with Apple and Android was just something I hadn’t planned for.

At least we’re still smiling!

After fixing the issue that Apple rejected the app for pretty sharpish, I resubmitted it for approval. By then it was already a week after our planned date for having users on the app, but we had no idea what kind of timelines Apple worked to. So we waited and waited.

A few days later, we actually received an email saying it had been accepted for beta testing! This was great news, obviously. However, we were then testing the app on an Android phone and we realised that some of the links were broken. I checked on my iPhone and of course, they were broken on there too.

This meant that I had to build a new version and then re-submit it to the App Store for approval. I, naively, thought that as it had just been approved, it would be a really quick process and it would just be a tick in the box process. Apparently not.

I resubmitted the Apple version and the first Android version on Thursday 10th to the respective approval teams, and it wasn’t until the following Wednesday evening that we received the “good to go” from Apple and we are still waiting to hear from Android.

This was a long time coming! 🍾

It has been an incredibly frustrating time, let me tell you. Something that, to an extent, is completely out of our hands, coupled with absolutely no communication from Apple or Android to say how long the process takes. It just feels like you send this off into the ether and you sit and wait. Will it be good news? Will it be bad? If it’s bad news, like it was originally from Apple, it appears once you resubmit your update, you get sent to the back of the queue, which when you have 100 demanding and often, unforgiving teens waiting, it’s not ideal!

It’s so annoying about Android as it turns out, the majority of the users we have lined up have Android phones, so sending out emails constantly promising it is on its way, isn’t great. But alas, apart from sending a few badgering emails to Android HQ, there’s not much more we can do.

In other, very exciting news…we actually got through to the final of the pitch competition we went back to Oxford for! This is incredibly exciting as the final is this Friday, again back in Oxford and is taking place as part of OSEF. The Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum (OSEF) is a one-day conference, held annually at the business school to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. We’ve been invited to have a stand at the event so we will be there all day, and then take part in the pitching competition. We will have 5 minutes again to pitch to a room of apparently 300 people!

The attendees will most likely be entrepreneurs themselves or from the world of investing, so this is a massive opportunity for us to launch our fundraising process.

Having never been in this world of entrepreneurship and venture capital before, I have no idea what the fundraising process looks like, apart from what we learnt on the MBA and from watching Dragons Den!

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us preparing for Friday; this really will be a massive opportunity to put Luna on the map in the venture capital world and hopefully start some fruitful conversations with investors looking to make their next big investment! Of course, it would be even better to win the competition but really the prize is just being there and having the opportunity to present to a room of hundreds of people. It will be a big day in Luna’s history, I think, so it will be all hands on deck, memorising the pitch like I’ve never memorised before!

My very enjoyable Saturday run

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