A whirlwind week following OSEF…

Somehow we are hurtling towards the middle of March already and I’m not really sure how. This week has been crazy (in a good way!) since OSEF last Friday.

The main focus for this week has been two-fold: preparing everything ready for investor conversations; which have started happening sooner than we had planned! And building the remainder of the app: the Luna shop and Luna Learns quiz.

It probably comes as no surprise, that the process of building out the shop and quiz took considerably longer than expecting (should have really guessed that from last time!) however, this has been due to a combination of Adalo, Apple and Google, on top of responding to media requests and taking calls from investors. So, exciting stuff to be distracted by for sure!

Decent mid week run

We have definitely been buoyed on by our win at OSEF and the feedback we’ve received from the girls already on and using the app. We’ve used the momentum and motivation to our advantage, but I think the combination of such a crazy time at OSEF, working weekends and then everything that has come from OSEF, on Tuesday afternoon it just all got a bit too much for me.

It was a combination of factors, and definitely over-tiredness played a role, as I was exhausted – so much so I didn’t even make it to the track session, which is pretty unheard of for me. And so I just gave into it. It’s one of the many reasons I love working with Jas; we do just get each other and she was so supportive and right away moved our afternoon calls, and told me to shut down the laptop for the afternoon. We are both really hardworking and trust each other immeasurably, which is why it works, because if Jas was in that situation, I would want her to do exactly the same. Even though I felt so silly and guilty telling her that I wasn’t feeling great, there really wasn’t any need to be and it was the best and right thing to do, just take the afternoon off and rest.

We are pushing hard on Luna and working round the clock; there really aren’t enough hours in the day. However, we also try to recognise this is a marathon and not a sprint, so burning out now before world domination has even begun 😉 is not a great idea!!

The focus for March continues to be running this pilot with the girls on the app and start the investor conversations; a new world for me in practice – we did the theory at Business School, let’s just see how that plays out in real life…

And if you’re wondering what we mean when I say “we’re fundraising” or “investor conversations”; it’s definitely not us having a massive cake sale (like someone who will remain nameless thought it was!), think more Dragons Den, over and over and over with many, many investors. Most people describe the process as quite brutal, hard work, demanding and often, soul-destroying, so wish us luck – sounds like we’re in for a wild time!

Made my favourite pancakes at the weekend because felt left out seeing everyone have pancakes on Tuesday

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