Just missing out on a top 10 finish…

Tonight will most definitely be an early night to bed for me! Two reasons why: we’ve had a bumper week of events and meetings, plus today I took part in my first race of 2022, and it went pretty well.

As I mentioned last week, we are really focused on raising our first round of investment now. There are, however, lots of things we need to do to even get to the stage where we’re ready to talk to investors. The main one being to create our pitch deck, which is the document we will send to investors to pique their attention and then hopefully have a follow-up call with.

We had a jam-packed week of events and meetings: Jas spent Tuesday at a school in Essex, we were invited to an International Women’s Day event on Wednesday, followed by taking four separate calls in the afternoon, and then on Friday I headed to Oxford to be on an Entrepreneurship panel, followed by meeting Jas at an event down on the Southbank on Friday evening!

So yes, jam-packed but all super interesting and fun. Sometimes I read these blogs back and it sounds like everything is just ticking along nicely and all we have to do is turn up at fun events or “take calls” all day. However, this is far from the truth…

Monday evening, 5pm, when most people are packing up work for the day, I headed into town to meet up with Jas and spent until 10:30pm working in the office with her.

Like I said, the process of raising investment is hard. My Monday started, as normal, at 6am, when I head to the gym for an hour – my time to switch off from work. Other than that it was a day at the desk until 5pm and then an evening in the office.

And no, this isn’t me looking for sympathy or a round of applause – I chose this life, I know!! However, I think it helps to illustrate the point about how hard raising money is, especially for female founders. We were invited to an event on Wednesday for International Women’s Day and one of the mind-blowing, and very sad, facts we were hit with, is that for every £1 of investment funding that was raised by startups last year, less than 1p went to female founders…one single penny.

So, as we head out to start our fundraise now, we want to be in the best place possible to succeed. And to be honest, it doesn’t take a genius to realise, it’s pretty clear that the odds are stacked against us as two female founders.

Loitering with intent outside our old stomping ground 😂

I was back in Oxford again on Friday; a flying visit to take part in an Entrepreneurship Panel before heading to the Women of the World event down on the Southbank. An amazing festival celebrating women and girls and we managed to nab some tickets to hear Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matters movement, speak on Friday evening.

WOW event on Friday night

Then to top off this wonderfully busy week, I ran my fastest 10km time (in some crazy wind as well!) at the Victoria Park 10km and Half Marathon event, finishing 11th female in a field of over 100. Probably explains why I’m so shattered this evening! 😅

Our International Women’s Day post; couldn’t have said it better myself, Coco

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