Two weeks of pretending to be on Dragons Den over and over again…

I missed last weeks blog for a couple of reasons; firstly, I was just tired and really didn’t have the energy to relive the week. And secondly, because the week had been really hard and long and I didn’t want to bring those negative vibes!

However, I’m back this week: multi-tasking as I ride the Northern Line for the next half an hour. I’ve found tube journeys to be an excellent time to catch up on any admin or emails, as I can backload them to send when I resurface, but no one can get hold of me!

Pretending we own an office with a view like this 😂

As I mentioned last time, the focus of our weeks are on raising investment. It’s a tiring process; it’s a lot of emailing people and making connections, to then have the opportunity to do our Dragons Den style pitch to them. Each time we do it, we obviously have to bring full energy and enthusiasm, whichever is harder and harder to muster every time you do it and then receive a “no, not for me” a few days later.

However, we have been going well so far and as yet, not many of the conversations have materialised into a hard “no”. Obviously, it’s a waiting and negotiation game so there is every chance the no will come soon, but also “no news is good news”, so fingers crossed some of the seeds planted this week, will come good in this week coming.

I can now see why the investment process takes so long; from sending that first email to someone, to getting a meeting, to presenting the business to them, to then a follow-up meeting to meet their business partner, then maybe even another meeting to actually receiving a “yes”. It’s going to take weeks, if not months. It will definitely be an achievement to celebrate when we pull it off though!

This week we also had lots of great meetings. One of them being with Jenny Tooth OBE, Chair of the U.K. Business Angels Association and one of the judges from the OSEF pitching competition. To say she has such a high-powered and busy job, she was so generous with her time and we spoke for nearly forty minutes. She imparted a lot of words of wisdom on the investment process and offered us to connect to more people in this space, so fingers crossed, something comes from that.

In other news, I completed my highest mileage of running this week, which was timed perfectly with the weather! This build-up back to 30 mile weeks has been long and slow, but definitely worth it to go into half-marathon training, injury free. With Hackney Half only 8 weeks away, I’m hoping to get my runs all a bit longer again this week and nudge towards 35/40 miles. I am being flexible though as I know how important it is to rest and recover properly, and with only half/one day “off” work each week, rest is hard to come by. My pathetic attempt at watching a film last night ended with me fast asleep by 9:30pm!

Morning run views 😍
My Garmin clearly hasn’t seen my face this week 😂

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