Manifesting term sheets and filming fun recruitment videos…

It feels like we’ve made a lot of progress this week 🎉 and it’s been one of the busiest yet.

Sunday long run

Monday started with lots more emailing and seed planting, in terms of our investment round. I was specifically targeting “Angel” investors and “Angel” groups, and it was literally all I did all day. If even one of them gets back to us, it will be worth it!

From Tuesday onwards, we were running around London doing in-person meetings; The Ivy Club and Shoreditch House were two of my personal favourites! And lots of follow up calls with investors (which is really promising) and then some in-person events too.

The first of those in-person events was with the “Female Innovators Lab” run by a Venture Capital Firm and they had invited a moonologist to talk about how we can use “Moonology in Business”. This lady is the 30th most influential person in the spiritual world, so we were definitely in good hands…😂 Obviously, I was rather sceptical to begin with and some of the things she was saying did make us chuckle a bit. According to our moon signs, I’m good with money; Jas is the emotional one and we are underpinned by the fact we both love food. What a combo!

The same firm also invited us to their offices off Tottenham Court Road on Thursday to take part in their “She can be pitch” event. They had invited a group of schoolgirls into their offices to explain what a career in investing or entrepreneurship could look like. They had invited three startups to come along as well, and we had 5 minutes to pitch and be questioned by the girls. They then decided who to invest their fake money in.

It was a great opportunity to practice our pitch to a different demographic, but we also got to introduce ourselves to the teacher present. And as if by a stroke a luck, that school is part of the second biggest Trust of schools in the U.K. Bingo.

In another unexpected turn of events this week, we had a call with the London Director of an accelerator called Techstars. There are a handful of “famous” startup accelerators around the world. “Y Combinator” being the most famous one. It is essentially a boot camp for startups and they give you access to resources, investors, mentors etc. some of the most famous businesses that we all use went through accelerators like Y Combinator and Techstars. Airbnb, Dropbox and Monzo all went through Y Combinator.

So, we had this call with the Programme Director and Programme Manager who told us they loved what we are doing with Luna and were interested in hearing more. We gave them the usual pitch and then before we knew it, we were being offered a spot in their next cohort! “It starts on Monday”….this conversation was on Wednesday afternoon. We didn’t really have time to process what had just happened, as we then spent the rest of the day filming a recruitment video before rushing off to Shoreditch House. It was all a bit manic and it wasn’t until Thursday when we spoke to one of the mentors on the programme and some of our advisors, that we felt able to make a decision on what to do.

Filming something fun!

As much as we were very flattered that they had offered us this place (they only take 12 companies every cohort). Jas and I decided to decline the offer. We’re really focused on raising this investment right now and hiring a technical lead, so the thought of going back to class for four hours a day, didn’t really fill us with excitement!

Then to round off the week, I hot-footed it up to Hinckley to see Emma, Izzy, Kirst and baby Leo. It was a flying, 24 hour visit but lovely to see them all and to get out of London for a bit.

And despite all that has been going on this week, I’ve managed to round out a 30 mile week of running, which I’m really pleased about. It has literally taken me a year from when I broke my foot to get back to this position, but fingers crossed it’s setting me up for a great season of 13.1 and 26.2 🤞🏼. Three years ago today I was running the Paris Marathon, so it seemed fitting to be back at my pre-broken foot fitness on the same day. Onwards and upwards 🚀

Throwback to Paris Marathon 3 years ago with my #1 supporters

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