My first time running with a bright yellow flag on my back…

This weeks update will be a little short; another week and another round of investor meetings and calls. We’re still on the investor trail, which to be honest has filled most of the week. We’ve been busy (when are we not?!) but it doesn’t feel like much to report…

On Wednesday night we were invited to pitch at an event, to a room of 100, which was good fun as it was one of only a handful of pitches that Jas and I have done together in person.

Outside of work, I’ve had another good week of running; nudging over the 30 mile week again, which feels like good progress.

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 05:45, which even for me felt a tad early for a Saturday. However, I had to travel to the other side of London for a race starting at 08:30. It wasn’t a race that I was partaking in, per se, but I was actually being a pacer at the event.

It was the Kew Gardens 10km and I was one of eight pacers at the event. I was assigned the 55 minute time along with another pacer, Ivona, and all we had to do was make sure we made it around the course in that time.

Fifty-five minutes for a 10km is well within my ability so I thought it would be a breeze just to settle into the pace and make my way around the gardens. But wow, I think it was one of the most stressful running experiences I’ve ever had! The start was so poorly executed; we had people running 90 minute pace alongside us and people who were walking by the second kilometre. It just wasn’t practical as the pathways in the gardens are very narrow and so the ability to overtake, when you really needed to, was really hampered!

Also running with a massive flag stuck out of a backpack that you’re wearing, in a garden full of trees, really isn’t that easy!

I think my mile splits were all over the place; one really slow mile then one much quicker to make up for the practically walking pace. Really not ideal and really not ideal for anyone who actually was trying to get a 55 minute PB! Definitely not a PB conducive course.

After the 10km, down in Kew, I had already decided I was going to do my long run for the weekend afterwards and as the weather was so nice, it was a leisurely 15 mile total run from south west London back to north east.

This week I’m looking forward to heading back north for a few days over Easter, taking the bike out for spin and enjoying the end of Lent with a massive pot of peanut butter!

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