It’s been a while…

I am back, after a two week hiatus. It’s been an interesting time; it’s true what everyone says about raising investment. It’s hard and it takes a long time…

For the past two Sundays I really either a) didn’t feel inspired to write a blog post because I was too tired and/or emotionally exhausted or b) didn’t really see the point, as the weeks have been the same, over and over again.

The days are filled with conversations with Angel investors, which end us in sending off more emails, pitch decks and financial models. We have our intro pitch down to a tee now though, literally when Jas is saying it, I will be running it through in my head word for word, and vice versa when I give the spiel. It’s just habit now!

It’s a real emotional process because we are so invested in Luna and we can see the real opportunity both for global impact but also investor returns and we’ve had some conversations where we can tell, they just don’t get it. Which is fine, we know it’s not for everyone but what is annoying, upsetting and frustrating is when the people on the end of the zoom call are patronising, or just down right rude. And I hate to say it, but we’ve had a few.

It’s no wonder that so few women end up with venture capital investment, the process can be brutal. It’s hard going emotionally. The Friday before last was a real low-point for both of us. We lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel and energy was at an all time low. We decided to take the weekend off and it was a great call. Much needed and we came back on Monday recharged and refocused.

For me, it was only a four day week this week as well, as on Thursday night we flew out to Barcelona for the bank holiday weekend and to celebrate my birthday! Jas and Jez (Jas’ partner) also flew out at the same time for a wedding, so we all had a brilliant time out in Barcelona on Friday night. It was such a great birthday; a running tour with Jez in the morning, followed by a boat trip in the afternoon on which, Jas FaceTimed me with some amazing news! The skipper could clearly pick up on my excitement and promptly brought out a bottle of cava! To round off the day, we celebrated in a club on Friday night where they had a brilliant drag show. Pretty great day all round.

Today I went for a run down on the beach here and running in the sunshine just hits differently. I can’t wait for a bit more sun in the UK! It’s back to London tomorrow morning but with a weekend of great news, we’ve got some exciting times coming up and I’ll be documenting them all here. It’s great to be able to look back and see how far we’ve come, and we’re only just getting started… 🚀

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