Big news in the Goodall household…🎉

This is going to be short and sweet this week, as I really need to finish packing and get to bed! Yes, it’s only 7pm but when you have an alarm set for pre-5am for a flight, I don’t fancy being up too late.

Tomorrow heralds the beginning of an extremely packed week. I fly first thing out to Vienna for “Lead Today, Shape Tomorrow” conference, which we were invited to pitch at by Female Founders. This weekend I have been learning my pitch (4 minutes, not five this time) and frantically preparing everything.

I arrive around lunchtime tomorrow and the first event is a breakfast meeting on Tuesday, followed by meeting some investors and then a rehearsal pitch in the afternoon. The big event is on Wednesday and then I will catch a ridiculously early flight back on Thursday, so I can do a quick change and make it to my cousins wedding in the afternoon!

Then on Friday, we have been invited to an event held by Rasha Saïd, in London Zoo! Rasha is the daughter of Wafic Saïd who donated £20m back in 2012 to Oxford University, so they could build the Business School, hence the name, Saïd Business School.

The plan for the weekend is to hibernate; rest and recuperation will be needed!

This week we managed to secure some more investors, thanks to a brilliant pitch that Jas did at The Allbright Club. It is a female only private members club and on Tuesday, six startups were invited to pitch for 3 minutes to a panel and a room full of members. One of the panel members really loved the idea and following a Zoom call later on in the week, went onto invest!

AllBright pitch day

To round off the week, we had the exciting news that there is a Goodall wedding on the cards! 💍🎉 Big sis, Cress, is now engaged to one very lucky man. Congrats Cress and KJ! X

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