Second half-marathon in the bag and some more cheques (nearly) in the bank…

I didn’t manage to blog last weekend, as I was back in Yorkshire running the Doncaster CITY half marathon. (Yes, city, you read that correctly) My second half-marathon of my year of running for MS-UK.

If you are able to sponsor me, it would be so appreciated – thank you

It definitely went better than Hackney Half, that’s for sure. For starters, I was running with the 1:45 pacer (who ended up running a 1:43 race) and KJ himself, but by mile 8, I had to let him go as I was struggling to hold on.

Despite the final 4 miles feeling horrendous, as we ran back into a headwind down Bawtry Road, it was a great race and highly recommend it. The people of Doncaster came out in force to cheer us on (shame we couldn’t have any supporters on the road up to the Amazon warehouse!) and the weather turned out pretty well. I’d say it was still rather warm for 13.1 miles, but nowhere near the sweltering temperatures of Hackney a few weeks prior.

I ended up finishing 37th woman out of nearly 300, so not too bad really.

Looking forward now, we have a slight hiatus in races to get some solid training in before the next half marathon in September, before the full marathons in October and November. Right now, I cannot imagine crossing the finishing line at Doncaster Half and turning around and doing it all again….26.2 miles is a long, long way.

Other than running, we’ve been working away to finalise the investment in Luna. We are really excited about the investors we have onboard and hopefully soon, will be able to share more details. It’s just a very long process!

Running views this weekend

I have four and a half days of work left until I head away on my first proper holiday in literally years. As much as I love my job and getting to build Luna everyday, I’m excited to have a rest and take a break from it. I think it will do wonders for my creativity and give me some real time and space to think through things!

Finally, I couldn’t not mention my #1 man this Sunday. On this, Fathers Day, this post is dedicated to my amazing Dad, who is the most supportive, hilarious, brilliant man ever. Always there at the end of the phone with some advice or a ridiculous joke, and always willing to go along with my crazy ideas. FF, I know you’re reading this with your breakfast. I love you lots xx


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