My first actual holiday in…years!

Andddd relax…

This was the objective of the week just gone and after a few days, it was definitely achieved. As I mentioned in my last post, I was feeling the fatigue and general tiredness of the extreme few months we’ve been having, so I was more than ready for a holiday.

So, last Friday we flew out to Mallorca and spent a week in the sun. Stansted airport was absolutely rammed on Friday night and so was the flight, but other than that, it was completely smooth sailing getting over to the island and getting through the airport the other side, and then onto our hotel on the north side of the island.

We arrived late on Friday night, where we found a little snack left for us by the hotel – so nice of them! Then, absolutely exhausted, I was out like a light.

The snack was more than two pieces of fruit 😂

Waking up on Saturday morning in Mallorca was so surreal. It was such a leisurely morning; having coffee and breakfast out in the sun and a short stroll down to the beach – literally cannot remember the last time everything was this relaxed and laid-back.

We were staying in an adults-only hotel, which was brilliant. It was great to be literally one of the youngest there(!) but also not to be disturbed by screaming children, not have to think about cooking our own food and just generally not having to think about anything!

The hotel was really lovely; it had a brilliant gym, two pools with a swim-up bar, a spa, afternoon activities and evening entertainment. And it was only a six minute walk to the beach.

On Saturday afternoon we decided to do one of the local walks to another beach. It was a boiling hot afternoon and we never actually set out to do the walk in it’s entirety – we sort of just ended up doing it all. In hindsight, not our best idea. The walk itself was about 5km but we weren’t really prepared for the terrain or even having enough water.

We thought we were heading to a beautiful secluded beach, but oh wow, how wrong we were. The beach was beautiful but it was as crowded as Scarborough seaside on a sunny Saturday – it was heaving. Everyone was packed in like sardines, kids were going crazy and there were plenty of drunk stag dos playing loud music.

We quickly decided we didn’t want to stay, but I was too low on energy to walk back again. Plus, I had started having some hip pain the day before after a run, so didn’t want to aggregate it even more.

So, we decided to get a taxi back and seeing as it was a busy tourist destination, we thought there would be plenty around. Again, how wrong we were. We were walking and walking and there was nothing around! Finally, we found a hotel and asked them to order one for us. Eventually they did and it arrived quite a bit later, and finally, we made it back to the hotel. After that afternoon ordeal, we vowed never to leave the hotel again – only for a trip to the beach or for an ice-cream!

The hotel by night

We settled into a regular routine over the course of the rest of the week, and it was just great. Lots of hanging out in the pools, lunch on our terrace, Aperol cocktail hour in the pool before dinner and partaking in the afternoon activity with Juan, the entertainment host. We made some friends in Sue and Sue’s husband and then spent many hours thinking up life stories for the rest of the hotel guests!

Andy absolutely bossed the afternoon activities; he won all three of them – shooting, darts and table tennis! The Germans were highly annoyed that they didn’t win and Juan begrudgingly awarded us with a bottle of Cava every time Andy won – team prize, I was great moral support 😂

Overall it was a fab week away – completely relaxing and the weather was incredible (some days it was probably too hot!) A special thanks and shoutout to this man below for making it his actual mission to make it the most relaxing and stress-free week for me; you nailed it, so thank you 😊.


We landed on Friday and pretty much straightaway headed to Cress and KJs engagement drinks. I’m feeling very ready and excited to get back working on Luna tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s July already; only a few months away from our official launch and 1st birthday as a company! Let’s gooooo 🚀

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