Feeling stressed but grateful

I’ve spent my weekend in a battle with my laptop, Google Workspace and my sanity… Google is currently winning.

Who knew data migration was so stressful?!

I can’t remember a more stressful week back after holiday; Jas did a brilliant job steering the ship whilst I was away, so I’m so grateful for her but my inbox was overflowing and my to-do list was as long as my arm.

And unfortunately that to-do list isn’t getting any smaller. I specifically left this weekend completely clear to crack through a load of work, but Google had other plans. It has been one of the more testing weekends I’ve had in a while. What was meant to be an easy task (setting up Google Workspace and transferring our emails across) became a hair-pulling, shouting at laptop, overly stressful experience. And because of said encounter, I didn’t get through hardly any of the work I had planned to do.

I’m trying not to think too much about it, but now we have a team (which is amazing!) who are asking for guidance, needing access to various things etc. I don’t want to be the bottle-neck that everyone is waiting on. There is also a lot of admin to do when you have team members, such as setting up email accounts for everyone and most importantly, setting up payroll! (On the list, don’t worry).

So all in all, I’ve ended this weekend feeling quite stressed going into next week. We’ve had two brilliant MBA students join us as interns for the summer and I want to make sure we put their incredible brains to good use! We also have three school visits to organise this week (the most we’ve ever done in a week) and like I said, accountants and payroll to sort out so everyone gets paid at the end of the month (including me! Hooray!)

Andy bringing me flowers to help me de-stress 😍

I did however get to see my best friends in the world this week, which was just brilliant. Long, long overdue (we tried remembering when the last time the four of us were together and we genuinely think it had to be pre Covid in 2019) but just the best 24 hours or so together.

Emma hosted us and she pulled together an amazing garden dinner party in the evening and we played some hilarious games with a glass of wine. It was just what we needed to celebrate our 20 years of friendship. How time flies…

Fun evening of games

I’m also back on the marathon training – slight hip and knee niggles put a spanner in the works but now with only 12 weeks to go, I need to be on it. Unsure how training is going to go this week with temperatures reaching 30 degrees…wish me luck!

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